My Secret Organizing Tool

My Secret Organizing Tool  Reduce magazine clutter with Pinterest  via

One of my favorite organizing bloggers recently purged and organized her book and magazine collection. Her rule for purging books was simple – if she didn’t plan to read that book again, it went in the “donate” pile! I purged my book collection about a year ago, but I’m sure it could use another one soon.

She also mentioned the large volume of magazines she receives each month – many of which she doesn’t have a paid subscription, they just appear in her mailbox. I’m in the same boat, receiving at least 6 magazines a month but only having subscribed to 3. I don’t know where they come from! I love magazines, so I end up with piles of them all over the house.

The most logical solution for pairing down magazines is to go through them and tear out the pages with articles you want to keep. I’ve done that for years, resulting in folders stuffed with random magazine clippings. Not super helpful or very organized.

Here’s my secret organizing tool for magazines – Pinterest. If I find an article, recipe or decorating idea I think I’ll want to reference later, I look it up online and then pin the image from the magazine’s website.

For example – last week I found an old December issue of Southern Living. I tore out the pages containing the instructions for these adorable Festive & Fun Mason Jar Snow Globes, and then paused because I had no idea where to file it so I’d remember to make them in December. I googled “Southern Living Mason Jar Globes” and found the exact article. Now it’s on my Christmas board, the magazine clipping is in the trash, and there’s one less random paper in my office!

If you struggle to win the magazine clutter war, grab your magazines and your laptop and start pinning!

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P.S. My sister is away celebrating her 1st anniversary, so I gave her the week off from blogging. There won’t be a style post tomorrow, but she’ll be back next week (looking tan and refreshed, I imagine!). 


9 thoughts on “My Secret Organizing Tool

  1. Pinterest genius! I’ve done that a few times, but forget to do it regularly. I have a few torn pages laying around that I need to look up and then pin. We battle the magazine war here too. I get a lot of magazines from unused airline miles. Not to mention all the catelogues. My husband also gets 5 or so medical journals a week. It adds up!


  2. I never thought of looking the article up on pinterest! I save recipes from Southern Living and Cooking Light, but I’d imagine it would be less clutter and more organized to have all my recipes on Pinterest. I also need to do a good book purge (and so does my hubby) Do you sell your books, donate or put them in the garage sale pile?


    1. As soon as I decide something needs to go, I put it in a bag and give it to Paul to take to Goodwill. He’s great with following through on projects like that – I’m terrible about hauling bags of donation stuff in my trunk for months. 🙂


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