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1// Cheesy smile. It’s Friday. Actually, that smile was my incredible relief and happiness after getting my hair cut this week. I had to quickly find a new hairstylist after mine went on an unexpected leave of absence. I found an awesome stylist who had an opening, and she’s apparently the expert on short bobs. Yes!

2// I mentioned on Monday that Paul is trying the Paleo diet, and that I was a little stumped with what to feed my “hot dogs with a side of ranch” man! I’m pleased to report that we (he) survived his first week of eating Paleo (I’m not about to give up cheese or sugar….sorry babe). I tried a new recipe that even had cooked spinach hidden in it – and it was a hit! Paul reported that he’s had plenty of food to eat, he just really misses his sauces. So now I’m looking for a Paleo version of Hidden Valley Ranch. LOL

3// Several days this week were cool enough to take my lunch break in the car with the windows down. Sometimes you just need to eat lunch all by yourself, you know?

4// I got in the car Tuesday morning and found a love note on my dashboard! Paul expresses his love to me in lots of ways, but love notes are not usually one of them. It’s always a sweet surprise to find a sweet note waiting for me. ❤

5// Who doesn’t love a cat basking in the sunshine?

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Have a lovely weekend!

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15 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. Oh phew. Glad you found a good hairstylist! I hate having to find a new one. And how sweet to find a love note! My husband is the same way – notes aren’t really his thing, but when they happen, it’s so sweet!


  2. Just an fyi, I know a lot of Whole 30 people (which I think is a lot like Paleo) use Tessamae dressing as it’s compliant. Good luck to your hubby, and I’m glad you found a hairdresser!!


  3. I’m so glad you found a new stylist! Your hair looks great! Being without a stylist can be so stressful. I’m currently on the hunt for a good one. I thought I’d found one, but the salon wasn’t open on Saturdays 😦 So the search continues. Hope you have more great weather this weekend. Little love notes are such sweet surprises.


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