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Vacation Essentials {A Recap}

Today is the last post in my series of what to take for a beach vacation. My first two posts covered beach beauty essentials and my packing list for a 9 day vacation. If you haven’t already checked those out, be sure to do so!

As a follow-up to my packing list post, I’m sharing some of the outfit combos I wore from what was in my suitcase. I found that I had just the right amount of clothes needed for my week at the beach and even had a couple leftover pieces that I didn’t need to wear. I didn’t get a picture of my outfits from every day we were on vacation, but some days were spent in a swimsuit or athletic clothes, so you’re not missing much! I apologize in advance for the weird lighting in some of these pictures – the sunlight made it hard to get good images!

Dress/Old Navy, Shoes/Old Navy, Necklace/old

 Top/Old Navy, Shorts/J Crew, Shoes/Old Navy, Earrings/Charming Charlie 

 Top/Ann Taylor, Shorts/Old Navy, Shoes/Old Navy, Baseball Hat/Etsy

 Dress/Old Navy, Shoes/Old Navy, Belt/Old Navy, Necklace/A Modern Boutique 

Top/Target, Shorts/Old Navy, Shoes/Target, Necklace/old  

Are you planning on going on vacation this summer? If so, I would love to hear what you’ll be packing!

Alli Sig


7 thoughts on “Vacation Essentials {A Recap}

  1. Wow, I love how put together you looked on vacation! For me, vacation is the one time I really get to dress up and spend a bit of money on clothes that I normally wouldn’t. I’m hoping we’ll do a beach vacation this year, so pinning for later 🙂


  2. Alli, your outfits were so cute! Sorry you had to suffer so on your vacation. Those shots were pretty amazing! Oh, and that mint green top? Maybe we could swap out my yellow blouse for that one! =)

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  3. We are heading to spend a week out west on May 30th. We have friends who live in the Las Vegas area so we will cruise the strip to see the sights( we aren’t gamblers!} Then off to see the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. I noted you had a lot of blue pieces Alli. I have lots of black pieces that I spice up with color so I will take the basics as well as some scarves and jewelry to change things up. I loved your sun dress and the mint green top with the khaki shorts was another favorite of mine. We go to the beach every year in September so I save most of my casual things for that week. It is a week of being a beach bum and we take full advantage of it!!


    1. Sounds like you have some fun things planned! Taking black basics and adding color with jewelry and scarves is a great idea and will leave lots of room in your suitcase!


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