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High Five For Friday, Dollywood and The Circle of {TV} Life!


1// If you couldn’t tell from the pictures above, we went to Dollywood with my Mom and Dad on Monday!  The rain kept us from riding anything at all, but we still got to hear the Kingdom Heirs and enjoyed the other attractions at the park (flowers and shopping!). We ate supper at the Pottery House Cafe and Grill – it was delicious! I highly recommend eating there the next time you visit Pigeon Forge.

2// I’ve been loving Trader Joe’s Organic Bolivian Blend coffee. I prefer a mild breakfast blend (think the opposite of anything from Starbucks) and this is perfect for my taste. Now that it’s getting hot so early in the day, I drink my first cup of coffee hot and the second over ice (I use plastic ice cubes so my drink doesn’t get diluted). I love the taste of this coffee when it’s iced – it’s not bitter and perfectly sweet with a little bit of flavored creamer.

3// I know I’m super late to the eyebrow gel party….I’ve been using a basic brow pencil from Cover Girl for years. Last weekend I picked up the Elf brow kit and have been really pleased with the natural look it gives. It took me a couple days to get the hang of applying the gel using the teeny tiny brush, but I think I’m getting there. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, natural look, give this one a try!

4// Call the Midwife wrapped up on Sunday night. Overall I was disappointed with the season – I missed Chummy and Sister Evangelina – but it is still such a wonderful show that sucks me in every Sunday night. My favorite part of this season was watching Sheilagh and Sister Mary Cynthia grow into their new roles. It was so satisfying to see them find their place and thrive! Any CTM fans out there? What did you think?

5// And with the circle of life that is television, with the end of one show comes the beginning of anther. Masterchef is back on! This is “our show,” the only one that Paul and I have watched together – every season – from the beginning. It started the summer we were dating and I’ve loved it every season since! I even have my very own white Masterchef apron. Anybody else love this show?

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Have a lovely weekend!

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15 thoughts on “High Five For Friday, Dollywood and The Circle of {TV} Life!

  1. Looks like the rain didn’t stop you from having a great time with your parents at Dollywood. I’ve never been, but have heard that it’s a great place to visit. I love a good TV series and it’s always nice to find one that you and your hubby can enjoy together 🙂


  2. I love CTM, and I agree that this season was not the best. It felt a bit more heavy-handed, and I missed Jenny and Chummy. I hope Trixie and the minister get things worked out in the next season.


  3. My family lives in North Georgia and they have year round passes to Dollywood. They LOVE the Kingdom Heirs as well. It is a great place to visit. I am not a Starbucks fan either but I purchase the MacDonalds McCafe Breakfast Blend and I love it. We do not have a Trader Joe’s in our area but if I get the chance to visit one in Atlanta, I will look for that brand. And Yes I LOVE CTM. Like you I missed Chummy and Sister E. I do like the new “old Nurse”. She reminds me of nurses I knew who had been in the military..totally no nonsense. This show reminds me so much of the fun( and some heartache) we had living in the nurses dorm when I was in school. I really miss Jenny! I think she was my favorite next to Chummy. I have been glad to see Mary Cynthia grow..she is a favorite.(Ok, I guess they are all And Trixie finally realizing that she is an alcoholic and getting help was very inspiring. I hope she and her boy friend will reconcile once she gets her life in order. There was one story line that I was not happy with and I can guess you know the one I speak of….it does happen but not what I want to see on Sunday evenings. Well I could talk about CTM forever so I will hush. Have a great weekend.


    1. Love your CTM thoughts! I agree with you on the one story line – and along with that, things weren’t as discreet or delicately handled in general (not just that one story line) as they were in the other seasons. I like the new nurses too, the older one reminds me of PL Travers in Saving Mr. Banks! 🙂 I could talk about the show all night too!


  4. Happy Friday, Whitney! Such fun pics from your day at Dollywood with three of your favorite people!! 🙂 Sorry to hear that rain stopped you from riding anything, but between taking in a show, shopping, and delicious food it still sounded like a pretty fantastic day! 🙂 Have a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, sweet friend! xo


  5. Coming over from high five for friday! I may have to try the coffee you are talking about, I am not a fan of starbucks either 🙂 Glad I found your blog! 🙂 Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet


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