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High Five For Friday!

Happy Friday

1// We are counting down the days to our Disney vacation! Last week we sent in the final payment which makes it feel a little more “real” to both of us. I have some fun Disney-related stuff coming to the blog and my YouTube channel over the next two months. We’re so thankful that God has provided for us to have such a fun vacation!

2// I told Thelma Lou it was National Dog Day on Wednesday. She wasn’t impressed.

thel grouchy

3// Over the weekend I read my high school diary. I started it on my 14th birthday in 1998 and wrote pretty consistently until I went to college in January of 2001. Falling in love with every new boy I met made for such an emotional roller coaster! One of my favorite lines was, “I wonder if I like [him] because he’s really that great or because he’s the only one around?” Growing up in a very small town with an even smaller youth group didn’t provide a wide range of boyfriend options. LOL.

Here I am in 1999 with my cousin. Have mercy.

1999 throwback

4// This desk has become one of my favorite spots in the house! It might look cluttered to some, but it’s full of so many treasures and pretty things. I sit here to paint my nails every weekend and it’s such a girly spot!


5// Several mornings this week were slightly cool with a promise of fall. YES! I’m so excited for my favorite season, but I’m not expecting it to feel totally like fall any time soon. In case you missed it, here is a quick video with a few of my favorite things from this summer!

Have a lovely weekend!Β 

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28 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. I always joke that desks are my love language, and that is a GORGEOUS secretary! 😍 I would do my nails there every weekend, too! Walter also wasn’t impressed with national dog day. #bless I cannot wait to hear about your Disney vacation! 😊


  2. Thelma Lou is just too funny! She looks extremely unimpressed, ha ha! Disney sounds like so much fun. I went when I was younger and absolutely loved it! I love your desk, by the way. It is pretty! Have a lovely weekend!


  3. I love the kitty picture! I love the back in the day picture of you and Stephen! I LOVE the desk! Last but not least, I love vacations and am thrilled you and hubby are able to visit Disneyworld!


  4. I’m looking forward to your Disney posts. I love all things Disney-related. And we’re going on a Disney World vacation next April, so we’ve begun researching what we want to do while we’re there!


  5. Visiting from High Five for Friday! I’ll be checking back to hear more about your Disney trip! I’m in the very beginning stages of planning a trip to Florida for this fall and researching the parks and attractions has become a huge pastime for me! I adore your desk, we have very similar styles!


  6. Hey we all need a girly place in our house. I bought a small oil painting yesterday for 75% off and I love it. It is pretty girly but hey, Marvin has a Hobbit print in the living room so he cannot complain. And let’s not even think about pictures of us at 14 or 15…called the awkward years for a reason!!lol I am enjoying the cooler weather as well..walking at 6 am when it is so pleasant is not the chore that it is when it is 80 degrees at six am!


    1. Thanks, friend! I also wanted to tell you that you’re featured in several of those early high school entries. I wrote when you moved back to Ohio, and I was so sad to lose you! A couple times I mentioned that I’d gotten letters or a phone call from you. Good memories!


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