He Is A Shield

He is a shield to those who walk in integrity. – Proverbs 2:7

The verse I’d read that morning entered my mind, fighting the thoughts of anger and betrayal. I had been accused of a mistake that cost my boss over a thousand dollars. No one had done any research before the accusation was made – there was a discovery of the missing inventory, an assumption and an accusation. Undoubtedly, something had happened – the inventory was indeed missing – but I was certain the situation created in that person’s head was not the truth.

I was furious. I work hard to make myself an asset wherever I’m employed, and follow the rules even when those who created the rules do not. How dare they accuse me of such a mindless mistake? If that wasn’t enough, my accuser had gone around to others to let them know how disgusted they were at my inattention to procedure. More than anything, I wanted to make a huge scene and let that person know exactly how wrong they were and what I thought of their procedure in “handling” the situation.

He is a shield via

The truth of the Scripture fought against those wrong thoughts once again. I won’t go into the details of the situation, but I decided to allow the Lord to be my shield and to continue to do what was right. There was no scene or confrontation from me, despite how badly I wanted one.

Many days later, an incident occurred completely apart from my doing. It was revealed, plainly and simply, that I had done no wrong. The person at fault – my accuser. This time I had no desire to make a scene or let them know what I thought. I could only lift my heart toward heaven and praise God for being my shield! There was no apology for the accusation, no attempt to clear my name with the others. But that didn’t matter. I believed that that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to me by the Lord, and I was blessed (Luke 1:45).

Here’s what I learned from this incident:

  • It’s important to know God’s promises in your heart, so that the Holy Spirit can remind you of them in tough times.
  • Taking God at His Word and allowing Him to work in situations creates endings we cannot imagine.

Whatever you’re facing today – whether it is an unfair accusation at work or a toddler who refuses to obey – cling to God’s promises. He is a shield to those who walk in integrity!

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23 thoughts on “He Is A Shield

  1. Wow! What a story!! Having scripture on your heart to use in a time like this is so valuable. I struggle with thinking God’s not moving fast enough on my time and I would have been tempted to take matters into my own hands too. But what a glorious reminder of His faithfulness AND His protection! And glad you were vindicated!


  2. Isn’t it great to see God work in your life when you follow His word? It is definitely a challenge at times. I just finished reading the book Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst. She talks about situations like this when we want to just let the other person have it, but then shares how God wants us to respond like you did.


  3. I’m sorry that you’ve been dealing with this tough situation at work. You’re such a hard worker and great employee so I’m sure it was especially frustrating to be falsely accused. I love that you said your goal is to be an asset wherever you are working. It’s so easy to lash out and quickly react trying to clear your name in tough times. I’m proud of you for clinging to God’s promises and letting the situation play out. Thanks for this truth today.


  4. Being falsely accused is difficult, and our natural response is to want to defend ourselves. I have been in your situation and was reminded of how Jesus responded when he was falsely accused. He said nothing. Wow–what a challenge–but integrity stands on its own and needs no defense. Truth prevails. Proud of you, Whitney, for knowing the Truth and for obeying it! God once again honored His Word!


  5. “He is a shield to those who walk in integrity.” What true words, Whitney. I’m sorry you had to go through this. We’ve all been there, in one way or another. Thanks for reminding us that God is always there for us and protecting us!


  6. That’s a wonderful testimony of trusting the Lord even when you may have not “felt” like doing so. Thank you for sharing!


  7. That is what scripture does and when we commit everything to Him, He directs our paths. you listened to the Holy Spirit and didn’t do what your flesh so wanted to do. Praising the Lord.

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  8. Is there anything more frustrating that a false accusation? I am sorry you had to go through that but you did the right thing and God always knows what is in our hearts. So glad that the truth prevailed! Why is it so hard for people to admit an error and apologize to the wronged person? I hope your boss learned a lesson in not being so quick to accuse!


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