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2016 Goals Update: February

I have three specific goals for 2016, which I talked about in this post. It’s time for a little update on my progress now that January is behind us!

2016 Goals Update for February

Goal #1: Make time for playing the piano.

Progress: I think I practiced three times in January! It’s definitely a start.

Goal #2: Make time for routine cleaning tasks.

Progress: I kept up with almost all of my daily cleaning tasks and completed all but two of January’s monthly tasks. Having just one chore each day is SO much more manageable and pleasant than a three hour chunk of chores on Saturday. The house seems cleaner overall to me during the week, which is awesome!

Goal #3: Be intentional with friendships.

Progress: I tried to have lunch with a friend last week but our schedules didn’t work out. I’m counting that as progress! πŸ™‚ I did get toΒ have coffee with a bloggy friend I’d never met, and that was so much fun!

Have you made progress on your goals for this year? Don’t be discouraged if January got away from you – Β let’s make February a great month of getting stuff done!

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15 thoughts on “2016 Goals Update: February

  1. Love your goals! I’m curious about your piano playing goal. Are you new to piano? Or trying to get back into it? I took piano lessons for years, but no longer play nearly as much as I used to.

    I also agree that daily cleaning is much better than a long 3 hour cleaning session on Saturday. I would much rather do constant upkeep than try and find a large chunk of time to get it all done. Finding that time might be impossible. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for linking your goals up at With Grit and Grace. Happy you joined us!


    1. Hi Emily, thanks for visiting me! I have played piano since I was 7, and played for church every Sunday for years. I don’t get to play at church anymore, so I just fell out of the habit of playing. I have a lost a lot of my skill over the past 5 years and really want to reverse that. It’s fun to play, I just need to make the time!


  2. So fun that you got to meet Della IRL! It would be fun to meet you one day if we ever get the chance! One of my goals for the year was to start getting up before my son, but it didn’t happen in January with all of us not feeling well. I decided to try again this month, and so far I’ve been doing well even though it has only been 4 days. πŸ™‚ I like spreading my cleaning throughout the week too!


  3. I read somewhere that habits start one day at a time so good work! Sounds like you’re definitely making progress and noticing improvements. I’m trying to put the things I want to do out in the open to serve as reminders – leave my current book out in eye sight, leave my planner open to remind me to invite myself to try new things. It’s been a good reminder of my goals. Thanks for checking in and I hope you can work out lunch plans soon.


  4. Well I have cleaned and organized in January. I finished one of my cross stitch pieces. I read three or four books and I have met friends for lunch and coffee. Of course being a stay at home wife, I have time for all these things. I admire you Whitney because i know how draining it is to work full time and still maintain a home. You Go Girl!!


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