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5 Things on Friday {H54F 2.5.16}


1 – I love meeting my bloggy friends in real life, and last weekend I got to meet Della (from Della Devoted)! She and her family were traveling right through my town! We met at Starbucks and had a great time talking – I got to meet her sweet little boy and enjoyed getting to know Della and her family so much.

2 – My mom gave me a set of blue and white dishes for Christmas. I put them on my Christmas list with the intention of displaying them on my walls and above my kitchen cabinets…but the ones she gave me are so pretty that I can’t stop eating off them! 🙂 I imagine they’ll eventually become part of my decor but for now they’re just making my food look pretty.

3 – Last night was date night! Since we had chicken noodle soup at Chick Fil A, we decided Dairy Queen was in order. We rode around, eating our Reece’s Blizzard and singing along to 90’s country. It was a great evening! #redneckdatenightmuch

4 – I gave the blog a simple design update over the weekend, and I’m really enjoying the new look. I spend a lot of time looking at my blog’s design while editing posts, and it’s nice to have a little something different!

5 – One of my favorite YouTubers is The Glamorous Housewife. She has a new show called “Making It Modern” where she takes a gross vintage recipe like canned vegetables set in fruit flavored jello and turns it into something modern and delicious. It’s really interesting and always hilarious. Here’s the canned veggie one, if you’re interested. 🙂

That’s it for me! Have a lovely weekend!

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23 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday {H54F 2.5.16}

  1. It is so fun to get to meet a blogging friend in real life! I have a mom from son’s birth board that I may get to meet while I am in the airport to her hometown this summer. I really need some new dishes, mine aren’t that old and I got them at Kohls, but a lot of the plates have chips on the edges! Grr!



  2. I love pretty dishes! They really add to a meal. I am happy you got to meet Della and her family! It sounds like you had fun. Your blog looks great! Have a good weekend.


  3. So fun that you met Delia!! I enjoy her instagram posts. I did meet one of my Good Reads friends this week. Isn’t is fun when your online friend turns out to be delightful in person as well?


  4. I love your plates girl! My grandma just gave me the remainder of her blue and white plates (only three have survived through the years) and I can’t wait to use them. Because there are only three, I’m thinking about keeping these for our date nights at home – just to jazz things up a bit ;-).


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