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5 Things on Friday – and something new! {4.8.16}

IMG_65491// I have enjoyed this huge vase of roses all week! I could just say that Paul came home with them and let you think he bought them for me, but he didn’t. 🙂 They were the centerpieces from a wedding Paul worked over the weekend, and he was able to bring one home after the event ended. So he did bring them home because he knew I’d enjoy the flowers, but he didn’t purchase them. He’s more likely to come home with a milkshake for me – and I’m good with that!

2// Sometimes it seems like people with pretty Instagrams or great blogs have perfect lives. Just like the picture above, there’s more to the story than just pretty flowers from my husband. I love this post – A Blogger’s Confession – about the bruises we all bear and why we may not share them in our online worlds!

3// I found a new hairspray! I mentioned in my winter empties video that my favorite hairspray had been discontinued – I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement. Mariah recommended Pantene’s new Air Spray in her $10 at Target post, and I love the idea of an alcohol-free hairspray for my limp and fine hair. I picked up the #3 hold, and I’m loving it!

4// Are you watching my new YouTube series, My Organized Home? This week’s video is all about what I keep in my nightstand and how I organize it.

5// Tomorrow I’m headed to the Influence Conference in Charlotte! I’m excited about the sessions, of course, but I am SUPER excited to meet a few of my bloggy friends! I’ll be sharing parts of the day on Instagram and will give a full recap of the conference later this month.

I have something new for my Friday posts! I thought it would be fun to end these posts with a different question each week. I want to get to know you! So here’s this week’s question:

What’s your favorite treat to be surprised with? If your husband or a friend would appear at the door with a treat, what would be your favorite thing to see in their hands? (a food item, flowers, a new book…) Tell me in the comments!

That’s it for me! Have a lovely weekend!

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36 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday – and something new! {4.8.16}

  1. I get a kick out of anything, as “it’s the thought that counts,” but I really love tea. If you bring me tea, I’ll love you for forever. 🙂 Flowers are a good surprise, too, as I don’t get them very often. Usually, I’m buying blooms for relatives for holidays. Otherwise, I’m thrilled seeing live flowers in the garden.


  2. Flowers < Milkshakes! HAHA but FREE flowers you just can't turn down. And I'm going to check out that hairspray. That's a hair product I'm constantly trying new options for, and you can't beat that price. And if my hubby showed up with take out, I'm a happy camper!! 🙂


  3. I’m glad you found a new favorite hair spray!! Your flowers are beautiful and it’s fun that Paul thought to grab some for you. Free flowers are always a good idea. Hope you have a wonderful time at your conference. I just saw that Kate from The Small Things Blog will be there – hope you run into her and some of your friends. Can’t wait to hear all about it next week 🙂


  4. Oh the roses are gorgeous! I love it when my husband shows up and says – Get ready I have a sitter and we’re going out. That never happens by the way….but a girl can dream! xoxoxox Have fun today in Charlotte!


  5. Those flowers are beautiful but I would be happy with a milkshake too. You always inspire me with your organization skills. I really need to start organizing soon. I hope you have a wonderful time at your bloggers meet. That sounds like a lot of fun. Have a great weekend!

    Della@Della Devoted


  6. Hmmm, a favorite treat to be surprised with…probably an iced coffee. My favorite is sugar-free iced vanilla coffee with extra sugar-free vanilla from McDonald’s! Enjoy your conference & your bloggy friends 🙂


  7. Number 2 is so true. I try not to make my life sound all rainbows and butterflies on my blog because its not! Those roses are totally gorgeous though.

    Stopping over from the link up. Hope you can hop by my blog as well! Happy Friday!


  8. So glad you get to attend the conference and I’m anxious to hear about it! Flowers are probably my favorite surprise, with a book or cool magazine coming in second place!


  9. I saw Denise’s post after I had seen her picture of biking on instagram so it was good to hear the rest of the story! We are all guilty of trying to make ourselves look really good in social media! As for your question….I am not really a flower person so a hot donut from Krispy Kreme and a cup of their coffee would be a treat I would enjoy. ( or a bag of jelly bellys as you saw in my instagram yesterday! Looking forward to going to watch your vlog before I head out to MOPs.


  10. For someone who claims they aren’t a gifted decorator, you certainly post beautiful pictures of your table settings, dresser, and living area. I believe you have a decorator’s touch! Enjoy your conference!


  11. that vase is gorgeous for all sorts of beautiful bouquets and YES to dark roast from starbucks! LOVE this post my friend and so glad i came across your blog through the link up! happy friday and hope you’ll stop by mine 🙂


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