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5 Things on Friday {5.6.16}


1// Today marks 10 years since I graduated from college! Ten years seems about right – a lot has happened since then. I talked about how much I’ve enjoyed the post-college years in this post, if you’re interested. My dad received his masters that day – happy graduation day anniversary, Dad!

2// It’s also been one year since I started posting videos on YouTube! Aside from my weekly grocery hauls, I’ve enjoyed doing some vlogging challenges and sharing organizing projects, along with other random videos just for fun. My most popular video from the last year is my Disney World haul – who doesn’t love Disney swag?

3// I got to have lunch with my awesome friend, Julia, this week. We talked about everything from event planning to the current price of strawberries…over Chick Fil A, of course. It’s always fun to catch up with her!

4// After a crazy several weeks, I enjoyed getting my house back in order over the weekend. I felt caught up and un-stressed all week, which has been delightful.

5// My favorite post in blogland this week was Three Keys To A Successful Marriage. I’ve been thinking about it all week!

Here’s my question for you – what were you doing ten years ago? Yes, 2006 was ten years ago. 🙂 

That’s it for me! Have a lovely weekend!

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16 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday {5.6.16}

  1. Glad your week was a good one and things are settling down a bit. I’m sure your cats like having you home 🙂 2006… I was a 2nd year teacher and in my 2nd year of marriage. I felt like a newbie at everything and was trying hard to love living in Utah. I also think 10 years ago should be 1996 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!


    1. Yes, the girls are much happier this week! 🙂 Oh my, I so remember that “newbie” feeling! I’m so glad those days are behind me. Right? Shouldn’t 1996 just be 10 years ago? Glad I’m not the only one. 🙂


  2. That is such a fun picture of your family! My cousin graduated from BJU in their nursing program in 2007. Congrats on one year of YouTube! I always enjoy your videos. Ten years ago I was finishing my first year of teaching middle school students with learning disabilities. It was a rough first year, but I’m glad a survived!


  3. That’s so neat that you share a graduation day with your dad — what a special day! So glad you started blogging and You Tubing, as it’s fun to keep up with your adventures and helpful tips/projects. 🙂 Hmm…10 years ago I was celebrating five years at my first “real” job. I made some wonderful lifetime friends there and also learned a lot. The people from that place were like family and the best part of the job. It was like a home away from home!


  4. 10 year ago I had my first baby! He would’ve been almost 4 months old on this day, and right around this day is when I quit my job to stay home with him instead of going back from maternity leave.


  5. Happy Graduation anniversary Whitney!! And I know you girls are all very petite but how tall is your dad? He certainly soars over his girls.:) I did a post on graduation as well this morning as my only niece on my side of the family is graduating from high school. It does not seem possible!!


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