18 Comfort Food Recipes You Need In Your Life


I love Pinterest, but sometimes I get a little overwhelmed when I’m looking for a new recipe over there. The possibilities are endless, and I never know for sure if the recipe can be trusted to deliver as pictured. That’s why I share my monthly roundups of new recipes I’ve tried and loved – so that you have access to new recipes that have been tested by at least one person you know. This time of year I find myself craving comfort food (who are we kidding? I crave it year round) and I know I’m not alone in my need for warm, cozy foods.

While we are eating much healthier than we used to, there’s still that one day a week when I eat what sounds good (and that’s always comfort food). Today I’m bringing you a roundup of EIGHTEEN tried and true comfort food recipes! If you’re craving carby and cozy, look no more!

Roasted Potato Bacon Soup via ComeHomeForComfort

Taco Mac and Cheese

Turkey Meatballs with Creamy Gravy - my most popular recipe of all time! via

I’m joining Jennifer from Chaos To Peace for this roundup – click here to see the other fifteen recipes on her blog. There are sweet and savory items for every meal and I know you’ll find something you love!

What is your favorite comfort food?




15 thoughts on “18 Comfort Food Recipes You Need In Your Life

  1. Yum! Comfort food is the best, especially during the colder months. The Taco Mac caught my eye, and I always enjoy potato soup. Tasty finds! I have a “cheat” day each week, too. Life isn’t fun if you can’t enjoy it!


  2. My favorite comfort food would have to be gravy and biscuits with bacon on the side.( Not a big sausage gravy fan.) I think it just reminds me of my mom’s great breakfasts that she prepared daily. No cereal for her kids…we always had a hot breakfast.


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