5 Recipes You Should Make This Weekend

As I’ve said before, I’m not interested in watching one second of the Superbowl (sorry football lovers) and I don’t really care about the commercials. I am, however, a big fan of eating good food so I’ll take the football hype if it means there will be appetizers and dessert. LOL. If you’re looking for something good to serve this weekend, here are my suggestions!

#1 Blue Cheese, Chicken and Spinach Pizza

#2 Two Ingredient Guacamole 

#3 BBQ Pork Nachos – layer chips, shredded or pulled BBQ pork, refried beans & cheese and bake at 350 until the cheese melts. Top with your favorite condiments and enjoy!

#4 Snickerdoodles

#5 Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies 


What are you making this weekend? Are you planning to watch the game?


22 thoughts on “5 Recipes You Should Make This Weekend

  1. My favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday is the food, followed by the wacky commercials. I always watch the Super Bowl, even though I don’t watch a lot of games throughout the season. Honestly, I’m so tired of hearing about the Patriots that I’m rooting for whomever plays against them!! LOL! So we’re cheering on the Eagles here! New England has a winning combo, as evidenced by their record, but it gets boring when it’s the same team all of the time. So I’m rooting for the underdogs. 🙂

    Not sure of our main dish for Sunday, but we’ll definitely be eating some no-bake cheesecake (made with PHILADELPHIA cream cheese, in honor of the Eagles), and guacamole. Yum!


  2. Ah – I love snickerdoodles!! Had them before Sunday school last weekend (we have a sweet senior that considers baking for us her ministry!!:) definitely blessed!) and several people had no idea what a snickerdoodle was??! How is that possible!! Great cookie!


  3. I did not know it was super bowl weekend, ha! This is the first I’ve heard about it, but your recipes look delicious and FUN! Pancakes are our fam’s usual Sunday night meal. Those pork nachos though….yum, I’ll be trying those soon!


  4. You are definitely a girl after my own heart! That pizza looks amazing and snickerdoodles are my favorite cookie! These will be great to make for Sunday! And I’m with you, I could care less about the football or the commercials! Have a great weekend!


  5. I didn’t even know it was the Superbowl! lol We don’t have tv so we are out of the loop on most things. (I’m not too upset about that :-). ) I’ve been looking for a snickerdoodle recipe. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Ha! I love that! I thought it was last weekend for about a month – only because I watch for the game day food to go on sale at the grocery stores. I was disappointed that the sales weren’t that good until I realized it wasn’t for another week. LOL.


  6. You just gave me an idea for dinner tonight! 🙂 I forgot to defrost anything before work & wasn’t sure what to make, but we just happen to have leftover pulled pork in the fridge & all the fixin’s for nachos so that is what’s for dinner! 🙂


  7. Give me all the game day food!! Those bbq nachos get my vote. I’m hoping to make some nachos, meatballs and cookies. Should be a delicious weekend. We’ll watch the game, but the food will be the highlight for me since our teams aren’t playing anymore.


  8. I just had that guacamole yesterday for lunch! Best ever for a fast treat. Not a football fan either or the commercials. It is a snacking day though! Thing bacon wrapped jalapeños, layered dip and maybe Rotel dip. Brownies sound good! I think I dream bigger than my appetite!


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