The Look of Love {My Thoughts After The Royal Wedding}

I officially have royal wedding fever – or whatever comes after royal wedding fever. I was up at 5 AM on Saturday and watched four solid hours of wedding coverage. There are so many things to love about the events surrounding a royal wedding, from the fashion to the fairy tale setting! I am not ashamed to admit that I was consumed by it this weekend and still pause to drink it in whenever a photo of the couple appears in my Instagram feed.

Something else I’ll admit is that I found myself comparing my relationship to that of the newly married Duke and Dutchess of Sussex! Doesn’t that sound a little absurd? I kept thinking about the way they looked at each other during the ceremony, their eyes full of such adoration and fresh love.

I felt a little sorry for myself, realizing that I’m not in a relationship that’s new or fresh. Being married for seven years isn’t really that long of a time, but it is long enough for the fresh glow of infatuation to completely disappear. Why is that? Why don’t I still have that bright “love is all you need” outlook on my marriage?

When we said “I do” over seven years ago, we knew so little about each other. We hadn’t argued, gone to bed with hurt feelings, disappointed each other or made choices that caused the other to suffer. Standing in the present with all of those things forgiven but not so easily forgotten – can we ever regain that blissful glow of innocent, new love?

Here’s what I realized. Instead of innocent, new love that is mostly infatuation, I have the love of a husband who has chosen to pursue me in love time and time again. I realized that staying married for over seven years doesn’t just happen – it takes the determination to do what is right, not what is easy.

I decided that instead of mourning the fact that I might not have another moment like Prince Harry’s “You look amazing” veil lift, I would turn to look at my husband with the adoration and love that is proved through years of choosing to love. That’s really something to cherish!

I’m going to make an effort this week to bring that look back into MY marriage! Adoring looks aren’t just for wedding days, but it’s so easy to let time, heartache, mistakes and disappointment wear it away. Who’s with me? Let’s bring back the look of love! In addition, I want to hear from those of you who’ve been married longer than I have. How do you keep your marriage from becoming stale and old? 

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12 thoughts on “The Look of Love {My Thoughts After The Royal Wedding}

  1. The royal weddings are always a joy to see, as they showcase the best of the best in flowers, fashion and food. But it’s one day. Having a husband who looks at you, day after day, in a loving way means a lot more. Knowing that he keeps choosing to be with you would be an amazing feeling! 🙂 My parents were married almost 40 years when my dad passed away, and they always made time to connect on a daily basis. Whether it was a chat during a cup of coffee or a TV show they watched together, they kept up with what was important to each other. I think that a connection is a big part of couples lasting and flourishing. Romance and glitz is nice, but if you don’t understand each other, then it all kind of seems pointless. The Duke and Duchess seem to connect well, and I’m excited to see what their future holds. 🙂


  2. I love this!! I also really enjoyed watching the highlights from the wedding and love weddings in general. I’ve been married for almost 14 years and I think I could still work on this look of love daily. My husband and I both try hard to look for ways to love the other person. Over the years we’ve come to realize that we both have different love languages and appreciate different things. It’s been great to acknowledge that and then try to do implement those ways he feels loved often. Tonight I’m fixing his favorite meal, yesterday we did yard work together and I’m working on booking a babysitter for a date night in the coming weeks.


    1. I’m still working on loving my husband in his love language – that’s a great point. You’re getting close to your 15th anniversary! Do you have something in mind that you want to do to celebrate?


  3. You look beautiful in that photo!! And such a wise post, Whitney! Some couples take much longer than seven years to see the beauty they have in a marriage that is worth effort and the joy of faithful husband who continues to pursue us – even once the infatuation has faded.


  4. We are empty nesters for 4 years now- And its like we are dating again- we spend more time together.
    the Lord had prepared me over these last years- It’s ok to be empty nesters- enjoy it 🙂


  5. Great post! I too have been infatuated with all the wedding love. It’s refreshing with all the sadness in the world to see love and adoration. We will be celebrating 23 years this Saturday. I love how God has given us so many phases of love to live. That new romantic love is good but I must say I enjoy how marital love moves beyond that initial infatuation to a deeper commitment in love. Thru all the life moments that we all go thru I remind myself God loves me and my mate and we have made a Covenant with Him. If we love our mate as God loves His church and us we can find a peace thru conflict. Bless you and your marriage.


    1. Congratulations on 23 years! That’s awesome! Like you I’m learning to love the commitment phase in love – it’s not as thrilling as those early years but it is a deep, sweet thing.


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