How To Keep A Clean House With Indoor Cats

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Having two indoor cats = living my best life. I am a total crazy cat lady and I can’t imagine my home without Peggy and Thelma Lou. However, having two indoor cats = lots of cat hair and a litter box in our living space.

My dream home would have a “catio” where they could sleep at night, do their business and be out of the way when we have company. That’s not possible in our current home, so I’ve had to make do with what I have.

Here’s how I keep the house clean and (hopefully) not smelling like a million cats.

1 – Empty the litter box every 24 hours.

This is part of my morning routine, so it happens about the same time every day. I empty the litter box, sweep the floor around it and use antibacterial wipes to clean the scooper and anything else around the box that might be dirty. I like the little packs of 30-40 travel size wipes from the Dollar Tree because they are inexpensive and easy to store!

Of course I also have a monthly routine of completely emptying the litter box, washing it out and refilling it with clean litter. At least once a year I replace the whole box.

2 – Choose high quality litter and litter supplies.

Last month I switched to the Tidy Cats Breeze system – it has been a game changer! If you’re contemplating this product, I highly recommend it. Even though it’s more expensive, it’s worth it for a smaller house with indoor cats. I got my starter kit from Amazon and found the best price on replacement supplies from Chewy.com.

Before that, I always bought litter that clumped easily and was a low-tracking litter. It makes a huge difference! I keep litter and cat food on a monthly Target delivery subscription, that way I never run out of those essentials.

A hooded litter box is essential when the box is in your living space!

3 – Once a month I dust the whole house with an antibacterial cleaner that’s safe for furniture. The cats aren’t supposed to be on the coffee table, piano or other surfaces like that…but it happens.

I use antibacterial wipes daily as needed – on surfaces like my bathroom sink where the cats like to get their morning beverage. 🙂

4 – Vacuum twice a week.

You may have to adjust this depending on how much carpet you have, how much your pets shed, etc. I vacuum the rugs and carpeted rooms twice a week, and use the hose attachment/hand held vacuum on furniture weekly. Both vacuums are specially designed for pet hair.

Here are links to the products I mentioned above. These are affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you make a purchase through the link. I work hard to find you the best deals – the ones I would purchase for myself. Thank you for supporting my blog! ❤

I have not mastered the art of keeping the house clean while accommodating indoor cats – it’s a work in progress! If you have tips or products that work well for you, please share them in the comments below. As you saw with the litter box transition, I’m always up for a new idea.

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35 thoughts on “How To Keep A Clean House With Indoor Cats

  1. I have 6 cats and they have their own room with wall+wire mesh netting. I use 2 xxl and 2 L and 1 S size litter box. Lol.

    I cleaned them twice a day and i scoop around clump as well that i thought contaminated. When the bigger litter’s sand lesser,I’ll transfer them to a smaller cleaned litter box.

    Sweep the floor once a day and vacuum once a week. Once or twice a month i will wash all the item, toys and cushion or when needed.


  2. How to keep my cat off the dining room table? Any ideas are appreciated. I currently have 3 laundry baskets turned upside down on the table to keep Twinkie, my rescue cat off the table.


    1. Hi Judy – Unfortunately, I’m not an expert at keeping cats off the furniture. I’ve found that they will sit wherever they want to sit. It does help to have lots of cozy spots available, and a few spots that are just for them (not places that people sit or sleep). Hope that helps!


    2. I used to worry about this also. Then I decided to change my attitude. (Easier than changing a cat). He’s allowed on the table all the time, but if I’m getting ready to serve dinner there (as in 5 minutes before), then he’s not allowed up. He’s learned that if the table is set with dishes, etc., he is not allowed up. It takes a while to train to this, but it’s worth it. By the way, I highly recommend reading the little book, “Cat Wise”.


  3. Thank you for the suggestions. I use a lint roller on the carpet around the edges of my room after vacuuming. I was surprised with the amount of hair I picked up. I also use the lint roller on my lamp shades and curtains once a week. I also cleaned their dishes after each meal. I feed my cats twice a day. And I wipe down the tiles where they eat. Depending on the time of year, I will clean twice a week.


  4. I use the Tidy cat breeze litter box system with pine pellets. Box is $40 litter comes in 40 lb bag and I purchase every 2 months at farm supply store $6. I love it and I have 5 cats!! I scoop 2x daily and change bottom box monthly. I keep outside wiped down with bleach cleaning wipes. Best system ever, and never had 5 cats before. Mamma cat got out before spaying appointment and we kept babies. Oh and by the way don’t name kittens if you ever have litter. I found idea on you tube.
    I love my cats. Why only have one when 2+ is so much entertainment. We also feed a colony (5) of feral cats. The dad, mom and and 3 kittens. All are fixed with shot and well feed. ❤💙❤💙❤

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  5. Hi. I fostered 7 kittens and their mom… eight cats total. Kept three kittens… They are now almost three years old. I have three litter boxes.. clean them out daily. I brush my girls at least twice a week. They love it and it really cuts down on the hair in my small house. Vacuum once a week …I have hardwood floors…so that’s a bonus…. I do have alot of windows… which I have rugs on small tables bin front of the windows for 🐦 watching. I have found that a wet paper towel… rubbed on the table rugs… at least twice weekly works better than trying to vacuum the table rugs. Also have a good supply of lint brushes. 😃


  6. We had three cats, and one of them had kittens and we kept one. Then another one had kittens and we kept some. So now i have seven.

    I also have three children so they each have to clean all five litterboxes once a day. If they refuse, we pick up two cats and ask: which one has to go?

    I got attached to all of them so i really couldn’t. And my children know this. But they understand it and immediately start cleaning 🤗


  7. Thanks for sharing your post. We have long haired cats and I enjoy reading how others cope with staying clean and sweet smelling. : )

    I love the names of your girls, Peggy and Thelma Lou! It made me think of The Andy Griffith Show immediately! Did you by any chance name them after girlfriends on the show? Thanks. : )

    PS My husband has wanted girl cats so they could be Helen and Thelma Lou but we’ve ended up with boys, plus I don’t really care for Helen on the show. Peggy suited Andy much better.


    1. Hi Jennifer! Yes, my cats are named after TAGS characters and I love it when someone notices! ☺️ I’m with you, I won’t use Helen’s name. I still have Ellie Walker and maybe even Clara or Beatrice that I can use!


  8. I have 2 cats and 2 litter boxes as soon as they do there job it get cleaned up right away,Once every 3-4 weeks,it gets all clean out with soap and water fresh litter and ,and we start all over again. Plus i sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of the litter boxes,and a little on top ,i use 3 different litters and have no problem with my two girls using the litter


  9. I changed to Royal Canin and now my 3 cats loose less hair, well I think it’s because of the food. 2 like to be brushed but the 3th one not so much. And I have a piece of fake grass around my cat litter box, so most of what jumps out is caught on the little grass rug and doesn’t scatter all over the tiles. I can wash it in the shower or hose it down outside.
    I like the dust free of the pellets. Maybe it’s an idea if you change the litter to mix it first with the old one and gradually leave the old one out. I tried the crystals/silica and they absorb urine very well and no smell, but they’re a bit expensive.
    Thanks for the tips!


    1. My cats will not eat Royal Canin, even my feral cats will not eat it, they all only like Whiska,and that includes 5 cats ,2 indoor and 3 outdoor that i take care of


  10. Awesome routine and your cats are so beautiful. Crazy cat mamas here. I have 8 longhaired babies. Mainecoon, Ragdoll, Persian ragdoll, Ragamuffin, 2 mixed breed Persian, 2 flatfaced Persians. So you can imagine the fur haha. I love throws, cushions, rugs too! 😛… My routine is clearing the box everytime it have been use so 2-4 times a day. Upon waking up is the busiest haha cos they get Super busy using the toilet when we sleep. We wash and change new litter for the 4 jumbo litter boxes we have around the apartment at least once a month. Vacuum and mop everyday. On alternate days or if I am busy with freelance job bookings…me and hubby will at least vacuum all upholstery, sofa, cushions, curtains, walls, ceilings ( yes walls and ceilings too) twice a week. Twice a week hubby and myself brush 4 each and use furminator to deshed lose fur…I will shave them a bit and trim nails, paws pads, sanitary area once every 2 month, give them a good brushing, shampoo and blow dry and hubby vacuums and mops while I bathe all 8. We feed supplements that helps to keep coat healthy and shed lesser too. A lot of work but we have friends and my clients who requests to visit our cat cafe and everyone is amazed our home do not smell of cats at all. Happy cats…happy pawrents! 💋

    Love from, mamaw fur cat 🌹


  11. Love how you signed this “Cat Lady For Life!” 🙂 That’s awesome your cats like brushing! I imagine that makes things a lot easier!! While I’ve not had cats, we used to have a dog, and he shed a lot, too. It’s a lot of work taking care of furry friends, but so worth it! Good luck with the new litter!


  12. I am sure your house is not smelly Whitney! You do a good job of taking care of business, literally.:) I have a cousin who has several cats and I can barely stand to go to her house, it smells!! I do not think she even notices…rather like that nose blind commercial from Febreeze.


  13. Hi Whitney
    Good luck getting your ladies to switch to the Breeze system. I was so excited to use this ,but my cat,Pepper,refused to use it! I guess she doesn’t like change at the ripe old age of 6. It may have been the difference in the feel of the Breeze pellets,but no matter what we tried, she refused to get in that box. And then she would give us the “you’ve got to be joking” look.You know the one🐱.
    Anyway,I really hope it works out for you. I enjoy your blog very much!


    1. Ugh. One of my kitties is having a hard time with it – but she uses it about half the time. I’m still holding out hope that she’ll get over it because I love not having to sweep up the litter every day! And yes, I know that look well. Ha!

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