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5 Things on Friday {9.14.18}

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Happy Friday! Here are five things that I’m loving right now!

#1 My new “I just want to drink coffee and pet my cat” mug. This was a gift from a sweet, sweet friend – so the message and the mug itself give me all the feels!

#2 I got this e.l.f. lip tint in a Target beauty box a while back and finally got around to wearing it! I’m usually a lipstick girl, but this shade (perfect pink) goes beautifully with olive green and wears really nicely during the day. Plus it’s only $6 at Target!

#3 Am I too young to be enjoying the benefits of Icy Hot? I heard Dominique Sachse recommend a “topical analgesic” and had no idea what that was (it’s Icy Hot!). She recommended it for neck tension, so I googled it and discovered that this miracle ointment comes in a roller ball from my local drugstore!

When I drive for more than an hour or so, I get really tense and often end up with a headache. Last weekend I tucked my new roller ball of liquid icy hot right next to me and applied it all the way to Tennessee. I wound up smelling like Menthol, but I didn’t have a headache! If you hugged me at the ladies refresher, now you know why I smelled like your Aunt Jean.

#4 From Aunt Jean to crazy cat lady – last month I mentioned that I’d switched my cats from a traditional litter box to the Tidy Cats Litter Breeze system. I’m happy to report that it is working so well! The cats have gotten used to the different type of litter and I feel like the house is so much cleaner as a result.

If you’re contemplating this product, I highly recommend it. Even though it’s more expensive, it’s worth it for a smaller house with indoor cats. I got my starter kit from Amazon and found the best price on replacement supplies from

#5 Fall decor! I penciled “decorate for fall” into this weekend’s spot in my planner. Thursday of last week I moved a basket off the table by the door, went to my office to find something to replace it…and 2 hours later I’d decorated the entire house for fall! Oops. πŸ™‚

You’ll see more of it in the coming weeks – on Monday I’ll have my fall Goodwill challenge video and I can’t wait to share that with you!

Happy Friday!


15 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday {9.14.18}

  1. Thanks for the recommendation for the Elf Lip Tint in Perfect Pink, I’ll definitely be looking for it the next time I’m at the stores. I most often wear pink shades of lippies, so I’m always interested in checking out new shades.

    The icy hot roller ball version sounds interesting! I’ll have to keep that in mind for any future aches or pains.

    Love the cat mug… so adorable and fun!


  2. I’m glad you’ve figured out a good trick to keeping the headaches away on road trips. That Aunt Jean comment made me laugh. I’m intrigued by your new litter box set up. I just use the traditional litter box for my cats, but don’t love it. I need to do some investigating.


    1. There was definitely a transition period with that litter system – my cats are 6 years old and are set in their ways. I don’t know how flexible your kitties are, but the litter pellets are a very different texture from the typical stuff. It takes some getting used to. I also have to scoop their litter out of the box a little more frequently, sometimes twice a day. It’s worth it, though!


  3. I have been having so many issues with my neck lately. I carry all my stress through my shoulders and neck. I couldn’t even sleep last night. I am going to go get some of the Icy Hot today. I don’t care what I smell like.

    I am anxious to see your fall deco. Have a good week-end. Whitney.


  4. I didn’t have an Aunt Jean and had forgotten about Icy Hot but I tend to smell like Grandma with Skin So Soft! I spritz with the original scent to keep the mosquitos up north away from me! Works great, the smell isn’t perfect but I am not eaten up so I have come to embrace it. Fall decorating is on my list. Found a cute resin initial pumpkin at Bed Bath and Beyond on sale yesterday so I am feeling it!


  5. Well sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do in order to feel good. I have been having some stiffness and pain in my wrist I broke so I have been using a topical as well. I just decorated my house for fall on Wednesday. I hope you had a Happy Birthday Whitney. I thought of you this month but I did not get a card in the mail. We have traveled a lot this month and it has messed with my organization system.


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