Personalized Monogram Ornaments {DIY Party Favor!}

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When my sister and I started planning our girls’ weekend in celebration of my Mom’s 60th birthday, I knew I wanted to make some kind of party favor to commemorate the weekend. I hit up Pinterest but had very little luck finding anything other than tacky novelties or things having to do with wine (we’re all non drinkers who try not to be tacky!). 🙂

I finally came across an elegant, monogrammed Christmas ornament – but it was on Etsy and obviously didn’t have any instructions on how to make one yourself. I purchased some various supplies and played around with them until I got the results I wanted.

Hopefully these instructions will be helpful for others like me who need step by step instructions!  

You’ll Need:

  • Crafting Specific Clear Ornaments: I used clear glass cube ornaments but you can use plastic
  • Glitter: I made sure mine had big pieces of glitter
  • Patterned Ribbon
  • Pretty Alphabet Stickers: I found mine in store at Walmart
  • Mod Podge: I used matte – a different finish might have worked better so use your judgement. Find it at Hobby Lobby, Dollar General or Dollar Tree!
  • Sponge Brush: for applying the mod podge
  • Small Funnel

Here’s what you do:

  1. Remove the top from the ornament, and using the funnel, pour in the glitter until it covers the bottom of the ornament nicely
  2. Pour a little bit of mod podge onto a paper plate and have your brush ready.
  3. Decide where you want the monogram stickers and apply them to the ornament.
  4. Immediately apply a thin coat of mod podge to make sure the stickers stay put. Let it dry for an hour before adding another coat, if necessary
  5. Tie the ribbon through the ornament top.
  6. If you’re attaching a card or tag, you can string that on the same ribbon before you tie it – I made my cards in PicMonkey and printed them on heavy paper.

I like using Christmas ornaments as party favors, souvenirs or as a way to commemorate a special occasion because it ensures you have a use for the item. Every year you can pull out the ornament and remember the good times associated with it. Once the Christmas season is over, that ornament is put away with the other holiday decor and doesn’t become dusty clutter somewhere in your home!

These personalized ornaments would also be sweet little Christmas gifts for friends! Who doesn’t love a monogrammed gift? You could personalize it even more by using their favorite colors or by attaching a tag with a Bible verse or encouraging quote. I hope you’ll give this simple project a try!


6 thoughts on “Personalized Monogram Ornaments {DIY Party Favor!}

  1. Christmas ornaments are my favorite way to commemorate an event!! I buy one on every vacation & keep a book with the ornaments to write down what they’re from (since they don’t always have a date or location on them). I love reminiscing as we decorate the tree every year. The boys each get one every year, too & have their own box with their own notebook to take with them when they leave home one day.


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