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How I Love, Welcome, Serve

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Early last year my friend Whitney Jordan told me about an Instagram account she thought I’d like. She knows I love sweet southern women with a sense of humor who value good food and good hair – and that’s definitely true about Amy Hannon (on Instagram as @eunamaes)!

As I’ve watched Amy’s Instagram stories, I’ve learned about what she calls “intentional kitchening” – where you use food from your kitchen to love, welcome and serve others. Amy Hannon’s mission for Biblical hospitality has been a great encouragement to me in my own hospitality goals!

You’ll have to follow Amy on Instagram and hear it from her directly (and enjoy her awesome accent!), but here are two ways I’ve incorporated the love, welcome, serve mentality into my life:

#1 I added a permanent Guest to my list!

Before our guests arrive (whether it’s family, old friends or first time guests), I stop and ask the Holy Spirit to be present at our table. I ask Him use our time together to meet the needs of our guests and to encourage their hearts. This has been a tremendous blessing! I’m naturally introverted and struggle to connect with people, so I’m keenly aware of my need for the Holy Spirit’s help in this area.

#2 I found places outside my kitchen where I can serve food to people.

Earlier this summer a friend shared fresh blueberries from her garden with me, so I made homemade blueberry scones to accompany the thank you note I gave her. When I heard a friend’s husband was having surgery, I took a pan of lasagna and a bag of salad to their house the evening he came home from the hospital. Sometimes I take a plate of whatever baked goods I’ve just made with me to work the next day – and hope my coworkers aren’t all dieting. 🙂

Not long after I started following Amy on Instagram, I learned she was getting ready to publish her first cookbook! Love, Welcome, Serve: Recipes That Gather and Give came out last fall and immediately went on my Christmas wish list. 🙂 Santa delivered and I’ve enjoyed cooking through it this year!

I highly recommend this cookbook – it’s full of delicious recipes, tips for sharing food with others and even full menus for hosting people in your home! If you have a copy, here are the recipes I’ve made so far (they’ve all been DELICIOUS!):

The recipes that are listed on her site are linked above, but for the rest of them you’ll just have to buy her cookbook!

I started this post by telling you about my friend Whitney who connected me with Amy Hannon’s Instagram account. She’s also been cooking through Love, Welcome, Serve and today is sharing her favorite recipes from the cookbook along with her tips for “intentional kitchening” in your daily life! Click here to visit her post – you’ll love it! 

this post is not sponsored – I just really wanted to share this topic and this cookbook with you! 🙂


10 thoughts on “How I Love, Welcome, Serve

  1. I love this!! So glad that you’re a fan of Amy Hannon’s. I just knew you’d love her. She’s so funny, radiates hospitality and her love for Jesus is contagious. I appreciate her tips for loving on teenagers, how she cheers on her husband and how she decorates her home. All of that in addition to loving her cooking tips and recipes. Her cookbook is beautiful. Wouldn’t it be so fun to head to Arkansas to cook the book with her??


    1. Oh my! You highlighted so many great things about her that I didn’t! You’re right, I love the way she cares for her family and her house is uniquely beautiful. I’m indebted to you for introducing me to her! And yes, cook the book is a major bucket list item!


  2. Okay, I checked out Amy’s book last time you wrote about it. This time I ordered it. Thanks, Whitney. Your mom is right… do have great hair.


  3. My favorite thing about this post – “I added a permanent guest to my list.” How wise! Aside from knowing how to bless others with food, you and Amy also have great hair in common!


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