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Small Closet Organization (On A Small Budget!)

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I started my quest to have an organized home at least year before I began blogging. One of the first organization projects I tackled was the tiny closet over our air return. Since neither of our bathrooms have a closet, this space is the designated first aid/travel toiletries/overflow bath and body product closet!

The system that I set up years ago still works pretty well, but occasionally I have to get in there and throw away old products, straighten the shelves and make some adjustments. I did that earlier this week and can’t wait to show you how nice it looks!

When I realized I needed a few different bins in place of the ones I had previously, I reached for the ones in my stash. At first I hesitated to use them because they don’t match the green ones I’ve been using…but I remembered this post from my friend Laura at Organizing Junkie and decided that they didn’t have to match – they just have to be functional!

Here’s a look of each shelf in order from top to bottom:

It’s very hard to get pictures in the hallway, but here’s a look at the three pocket organizer that holds our travel sized items. This is a great way to maximize space!

This closet had gotten pretty messy – if you want to see the before and after from earlier this week, I showed the messy “before” in my video below.

Organizing products do not have to be expensive! I have purchased all of these bins from The Dollar Tree, Dollar General and the Target Dollar Spot over the past several years. The big white bin on the top shelf is from Target – I grabbed that one from a clearance end cap and knew it would be perfect for maximizing space on that top shelf!

Not every bin is labeled, but I think it’s helpful to communicate your organization system with as many labels as possible. This helps everyone in your home know where to find things…and where to put them away! 🙂 (Here’s the label maker I use and love)



11 thoughts on “Small Closet Organization (On A Small Budget!)

  1. I love to organize but keeping things organized is my problem. I really need to go through my kitchen cabinets( bottom ones mostly) and re group. If I were rich I would have drawers on the bottom instead of shelves. So much easier to keep things tidy.


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