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5 Things On Friday {10.19.18}

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Happy Friday! It is finally cooling off around here and I couldn’t be happier! I have the season’s first crock pot of chili simmering on my counter – supper will be delicious tonight. πŸ™‚ Here are 5 things for this Friday!

#1 – Homemaking Hack: Use a soap bottle with a pump to dispense dish soap. Not only will it look pretty on your sink, you can pump just enough to wash that one “hand wash only” mug instead of leaving it on the sink for two days. I found this one at Burke’s Outlet.

#2 – I love this Gel Finish Nail Polish from Avon. It’s not the most long lasting polish, but it is perfect if you only have a few minutes to do your nails! I can get away with one coat (no top or base coat) that will last for around two days. This formula dries in just a couple minutes!

If you’re going somewhere and want your nails to look nice, this is a great last minute option. I’ve been wearing the shade “very berry” this week. You don’t have to purchase Avon from a representative – you can just shop online (and earn cashback from Ebates while you’re at it!).

#3 One of the best ways to keep your nail polish from chipping is to wear dish washing gloves every time you’re at the sink. I always buy the kind that have a nice fabric cuff, because they are so easy to pull on and off. I will link my favorite pair here – you can get them on Amazon – but the best place to buy them is TJ Maxx. I find them for $2-4 pair and they last for months!

#4 My Mom is doing a series on the book of Proverbs that is so good. If you haven’t seen her latest two videos, I highly recommend that you listen to them this weekend. I have been really challenged by the wisdom and counsel she’s shared. Here they are:

#5 Snapchat came out with filters that have cat facial recognition! It just cracks me up!

Also, here’s a confessional. I only use Snapchat to talk to my sister. We’re currently on a 405 day snap streak, meaning we’ve snap-chatted each other 405 days in a row. It’s so much more fun than texting, and it’s fun to see each other’s faces, kids (hers) and pets (mine) on a daily basis!

I hope you have a lovely fall weekend wherever you are! ❀



12 thoughts on “5 Things On Friday {10.19.18}

  1. I always forget about dish gloves and ebates!! I need help remembering both. Seems like I think of it as soon as I get my hands wet doing dishes. And ebates… I guess I’ll just have to put a sticky note on my computer screen. I just got into the habit of doing Amazon Smile so maybe ebates is next πŸ™‚ Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. What a fun post, sweet friend! I love the idea of using a pretty soap dispenser for liquid dish soap! Looks so much better, and as you mentioned, would be so perfect for dispensing just what you need! Pretty mani – love that shade! I caught your mom’s first video in that series and loved it! I so enjoy hearing her wise words founded in the truth of God’s Word. I’m looking forward to watching her second video in that series soon! Your cat snaps make me smile (especially knowing just how much fun you were surely having with those filters)! πŸ˜€ Enjoy your yummy chili and have a wonderful weekend ahead! xo!


  3. Chili sounds so good! I made vegetable soup this week to start off soup season. I always forget to check out Ebates! Your mom’s study of Proverbs is so good! I have been so inspired by her thoughts.


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