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Summer Hostess Gift

I see a lot of ideas on Instagram and Pinterest for “quick” hostess/teacher/appreciation gifts, but most of them are expensive and involve alcohol. Neither of those are things I can work with, so today I’m sharing a simple and inexpensive appreciation gift that doesn’t include booze. LOL.

I really loved having a stash of supplies to put together hostess gifts during the holidays, so I decided to make a summer version of my homemade granola hostess gift idea. The recipe I used in the winter was harvesty and warm, so I chose this peanut butter granola and mixed in coconut & chocolate chips after it came out of the oven. Side note – that granola recipe is YUM.

My local Ross carries packages of really nice kitchen towels – I paid $5 for this package of 3. The wooden spoon is a Dollar General Find, and my jar came from Dollar Tree. Adding in the cost of my granola supplies (from Aldi), one hostess gift costs less than $7.

Some people wonder, “When is it appropriate to bring a hostess gift?” Here’s my rule of thumb – if I’ve been invited to an event where someone is the hostess, I bring a gift. That includes things like meals, parties or overnight visits in someone’s home. Even if you’re contributing to the meal, it’s still nice to bring a little something for your hostess.

Here are a few other resources for hostess gifts:

Keep your eyes open for the items you need for these gifts – I usually pick them up here and there when I find a good deal. Pretty soon you’ll have a nice stash of supplies ready for the next time you need a hostess gift!


5 thoughts on “Summer Hostess Gift

  1. What a cute hostess gift! I think anyone would appreciate a sweet gift like that! By the way, I made a batch of that peanut butter granola, and it is delicious! I’ve only eaten it with cereal, fruit and milk – but am looking forward to making a yogurt parfait with it soon! Thanks for providing the recipe!


  2. I love to receive a dish towel…even by itself as a Happy! It is something we all can use. Add granola and a cute spoon and that is perfect. I am finiding lots of cute things at Dollar General. I picked up a cute lamp there that I plan to post on my Friday Five tomorrow. It was only $10 and a stunner.


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