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Recent Amazon Favorites

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I mentioned recently that I was trying Amazon Prime for 30 days – and so many of you declared your undying love for shopping Amazon. πŸ™‚ Giving it a more serious look and evaluating the benefits for my household, I have to say I’m impressed! Amazon has come a long way from being a marketplace for old textbooks and CD’s back when I was in college. πŸ™‚

The thing that overwhelms me about Amazon is their massive inventory. I really like shopping in a store like Target or even Dollar Tree where I can see basically everything in the store in one trip.

At the same time, the massive inventory is a major perk of shopping Amazon! I’ve had issues recently when I’ve tried to purchase something in store or online with Target, and the item is out of stock or unavailable. That happens a lot less frequently when I’m looking for something on Amazon!

Since there are so many things to look at, I really love when people share their favorite Amazon finds. I’m always surprised by what people find and how affordable the items are! Here are a few of my recent purchases on Amazon that I’m loving! (You could say I’m a “fan” of shopping Amazon) πŸ™‚

Portable Clip-On Fan:Β I received this fan last year when I worked with Comlife on my YouTube channel, but this fan has become a beloved member of our household. We’ve used it a ton in the last month! My sister and I took my nephews to the zoo on a 92 degree day, and it was great for clipping on the stroller. Paul and I each have one of these and we never travel without them – they’re quiet and yet so powerful! I can guarantee I’ll be carrying one of these around Disney World this fall.

Colossal Rasp Foot File: The item description is a little off-putting, but let me tell you – this thing is amazing! My heels were so rough and cracked that they were pilling my sheets at night. I used this file one time (carefully – it’s intense) and have enjoyed smooth, delicate heels for weeks!

Digital Kitchen Thermometer:Β Another summer must-have! Seriously, this takes all the guess work out of cooking meat. There’s no more cutting into the meat and asking, “Does that look pink to you??” πŸ™‚ It’s perfect for grilling and delivers perfectly cooked steaks, chicken and burgers every time.

Mini Stepper: Don’t worry, I haven’t turned into a fitness nut overnight. πŸ™‚ That will never happen. I only exercise when I’m getting ready for Disney World where we walk 10 miles in a day. This stepper is perfect for getting a little exercise in the comfort of your home. I love that it fits under the bed, doesn’t shake the whole house or make a lot of noise when you use it and is very affordable.

Gifts!Β My friend Whitney Jordan was the one who started me thinking about using Amazon for birthday shopping. I love sending birthday gifts to family, but shipping packages from the post office has gotten so expensive and so slow!Β When I send gifts from Amazon, not only do I have more money in my budget for the actual gift but I also have the benefit of fast shipping with guaranteed delivery times.

I’ve purchased everything from Melissa and Doug toys to sports apparel. I still miss the personal touch of wrapping the gift, so I’m compromising by sending a card through the regular mail in addition to the Amazon package. It’s a win-win!

Prime Day is just around the corner – do you have your eye on anything?Β 

4 thoughts on “Recent Amazon Favorites

  1. Yay!! This Amazon post was such a fun surprise today. I know you’re new to Amazon and it’s so fun to see that you’re already enjoying it. We use Amazon for everything – books, accessories, kid cups, bug killer, hair products and party supplies. They really do seem to have everything. Thank you for the Amazon gifting shout out. I do about 95% of my gift shopping for out of town family and friends this way. You just can’t beat the free, fast shipping on Prime. I like your compromise to send a real card with your Amazon gifts.


    1. My sister does almost all of her household shopping on Amazon and uses it for everything like you mentioned. It’s especially nice during the summer when I’m not interested in getting in and out of the car multiple times looking for something!


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