Walt Disney World Day 3 | Back to Magic Kingdom {September 2019}

For our third day at Disney World, we took it slow and savored the moments! Our schedule was dictated by reservations and fast passes we’d been able to make months before our trip. Because of that, we enjoyed a slow morning and slept in a little bit!

We made it to Magic Kingdom a little after 10 that morning and started out by exploring the area right at the front of the park. The train station was empty! There’s a spot inside with cafe tables that would be a great place to enjoy your coffee or breakfast.

We watched the Mickey and Friends dance party from the balcony of the train station – while avoiding the crowds and enjoying the shade! After that, we did some shopping on Main Street and stopped a couple times to enjoy the shows along the way.

Paul was really excited to catch the Dapper Dans! He’s watched them on YouTube and was really hoping to see them in person this trip.

I was equally as excited to see this show where they sing “Walking Right Down the Middle of Main Street, USA.” It’s such a fun song with the performers in their 1900’s era costumes.

And can we talk about this blue sky?!! This is smack in the middle of hurricane season in Florida – we were so thankful for the beautiful weather we enjoyed all week.

Did you know you can get your hair cut in Magic Kingdom? There is a tiny full-service barbershop near the entrance of the park! We booked Paul’s appointment months before our trip and he enjoyed the experience. It only cost $20 for his cut, which is not much more than he pays here in Greenville!

Of course they offer “first haircuts” for children, but Paul was not the only adult getting a regular cut that morning. He is a good sport and did the silly picture – and asked for the pixie dust – you see above. ๐Ÿ™‚

We did not purchase the photo package, but the Disney photographers are still happy to take pictures with your phone or camera. I think the photo pass is a great idea for families with children, but we had no trouble getting lots of pictures with the two of us together!

We walked back to my favorite area of the park, Fantasyland, for lunch at Be Our Guest. I just love this view of the Beast’s castle!

We ate breakfast at Be Our Guest during our first trip to Disney four years ago, and this time I was able to get a lunch reservation. It’s definitely my favorite restaurant in Magic Kingdom – the food is good and the atmosphere is amazing!

The only down side is how long it takes to get from the front door to your table. You wait in line to order on a touch screen kiosk – which isn’t unlike waiting in the self checkout at Walmart (lots of kids, glitchy system, crowded and noisy). It’s totally worth the wait, just be prepared to spend a bit of time in line before ordering. ๐Ÿ™‚

I read some reviews online and decided to order a sandwich instead of a meat and vegetables entree. Both of our meals were delicious! I chose vegetables instead of fries with my sandwich and really enjoyed the zucchini/tomato/bean medley that I received.

It was in the mid 90’s after lunch, so we grabbed a ride on the People Mover to cool off, put our feet up and enjoy this view of the castle!

We headed over to Liberty Square to watch the Festival of Fantasy parade – we saw this parade from Main Street last time (you can see a good bit of it in my vlog) and decided to watch from a shaded, less crowded spot next to the Christmas Shop. It was perfect!

I was looking for a specific ornament that I hadn’t been able to find at the World of Disney store in Disney Springs. I looked it up on the Shop Disney app, which told me it was in stock at the Christmas Shop in Magic Kingdom! Before the parade I ducked in there and found the exact one I was looking for – yay!

We hung out right here and were able to see everything PLUS enjoy this lovely view! It’s a perfect place to sit if you’re not seeing the parade for the first time.

By this time we had about three hours to kill until our fast past for Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom. We were hot and tired, and I deferred to Paul’s decision since the fast pass was for him (no way I’d get on that one!). He decided to forgo the Flight of Passage fast pass, so we headed back to our resort for a nap!

After a nice nap and freshening up, we walked back to the Quick Service restaurant at our resort for supper. I had a really delicious chicken rice bowl and Paul went all-American with his burger and fries.

We took our dessert to go and strolled back across the lake to our room. I think we were in bed by 8:30! It was such a fun, low key day in my favorite park!

Next Friday I’m wrapping up our Disney trip with our final day! We had so much fun exploring Hollywood Studios for the first time and closing down Magic Kingdom after the fireworks. I can’t wait to relive all the fun with you!

Day 1: Magic Kingdom & Epcot | Day 2: Animal Kingdom & Disney Springs

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8 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Day 3 | Back to Magic Kingdom {September 2019}

  1. I absolutely love Disney days like this! Taking it slow and really taking in the atmosphere that makes Disney so magical is the best! We’ve never done a haircut there and I enjoyed seeing Paul’s experience. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so glad you two enjoyed this fun and relaxing day! These memories will no doubt be cherished for a lifetime!!


  2. That sounds like a nice, fun, relaxing day. It’s not like that with three kids! LOL. Your trip does remind me of the time just my husband and I got away– it was magical and I definitely have plans to go back without the boys someday.


    1. Love reading all about your Disney trip, Whitney! I didn’t know they had a barber, how fun! I’ll be sharing that fun information with my hubby later!

      Lord willing, we’re hoping to visit Disney World again in the not too distant future. It’s a major trip for us, a 10 hour flight and a 6 hour time difference.

      The days looked beautiful, weather wise! I’m glad you were able to have an enjoyable, relaxing time. We don’t have children as well, a disney world trip can be very relaxing and quite magical for us also, especially staying on property.

      Also absolutely loved the Be Our Guest restaurant, the food was delicious. Just loved the atmosphere ๐Ÿฅ€๐Ÿ’›.

      Looking forward to your next post and videos!


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