Disney World Day 4 | Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom Fireworks {September 2019}

We kicked off our last day at Disney over in Hollywood Studios. This was our first-ever time in the park and we loved it!

We got inside just before 8 AM on the most beautiful, clear day! Side note: they’re not fans of people taking pictures at security. 🙂

On the way to Galaxy’s Edge, we enjoyed the Hollywood theming and the lighthearted music that’s played on Hollywood and Sunset Blvd. It wasn’t too hot yet, with a nice morning breeze.

After Paul rode Star Tours (which isn’t in Galaxy’s Edge), we explored the Star Wars immersion that is Galaxy’s Edge. I haven’t seen one minute of Star Wars but was still really impressed with the level of detail they’ve achieved.

Paul was able to get in the single rider line and basically walked right on to the Millennium Falcon ride. He said it was really fun! Later on that day the wait times were up to 90 minutes. Extra Magic Hours are SO worth it!

There were lots of Star Wars characters just walking around the park, interacting with people and posing for photos. Unlike Animal Kingdom, it was easy to find breakfast options. I scouted them out while Paul did the rides and decided on Ronto Roasters. We ordered the Ronto Morning Wrap with a Sour Sarlacc (Limeade/Rasperry/Mango beverage) – both were really good!

We walked through Toy Story Land on our way to a fast pass but didn’t really have time to stop. There were also lots of characters out doing meets, as you see Buzz, Woody and Bo Peep above.

Not everything you ride or experience at Disney is a breaktaking thrill – like the 3D Muppet Show. Paul is a lifelong Muppets fan but thought it was boring. I can’t stand the Muppets so my opinion doesn’t count. Haha!

One thing we loved about Hollywood Studios is all the great places for different pictures, like this one by the Sci Fi Dine in Theater!

We had a fast pass for Voyage of The Little Mermaid, which was a cute show. It’s a puppet show (you can see one of the puppeteers in my photo) that even little kids would enjoy. They use a mix of video, puppets and live performers. On top of that, the chairs are really comfortable and the AC feels great!

Here’s more of the beautiful day and incredible scenery we enjoyed as we walked from one thing to the next!

We also had a fast pass for Beauty and the Beast Live, which we loved.

Paul ate most of that Ronto Wrap, so I grabbed a pretzel on our way to Indiana Jones. This was Paul’s favorite thing of the whole trip – he loved the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! Like Beauty and the Beast, it’s in an amphitheater and doesn’t really have bad seats.

I’ve never seen Indiana Jones, but I still really enjoyed it too! There’s audience interaction and a good bit of comedy along with the incredible stunts. So fun!

There were several restaurants I debated on trying, but we settled on Pizza Rizzo in the Muppets Courtyard. It was delicious! We both ordered personal pizzas that came with Caesar side salads. On the Quick Service plan, you can order any beverage as part of your meal. They also had a self-service stand with cups of ice water. I ordered a non-alcoholic Peach Bellini that was so good and refreshing!

I sipped on my drink as we walked back through all the shops on Hollywood Boulevard. We seriously loved the atmosphere here – it was so much fun to just take it all in!

Side note: there aren’t mirrors over the bathroom sinks at Disney, I assume to keep people from lingering. On this afternoon, I noticed that my hair was sticking out between my hat and glasses like it is below and said something to Paul about it. He remarked that it had been like that all week. Thanks for telling me, babe. LOL. 

After about six hours in the park, we headed back to our resort for another afternoon nap! I found that freshening up and changing clothes really gave me a burst of energy to hit the parks again in the evenings. By 6:00 we were entering Magic Kingdom for the last time! We waited in a not-too-long line at Casey’s Corner for Paul’s favorite meal of the trip!

We were SO full from all that fried goodness, so we walked around Frontierland and Fantasyland. There were a couple rides we wanted to do in Frontierland but they were closed by this time of the day.

It was a beautiful sunset, but it was very hot and muggy. We walked around a bit and then ordered a Churro Ice Cream Sandwich from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments. Yeah, I know I just said we were full – it was our last night! 🙂 Look at the view of the castle we had while waiting in line!

The thing about Magic Kingdom fireworks is that you have to find your spot about an hour before they begin. You just hang out there, smooshed in with loads of hot, tired, sweaty people. It’s a magical time. LOL. I recommend a handheld fan and lots of water!

As soon as the show begins, you know it’s worth the wait! It is incredible to see the combination of projections on the castle, music, storytelling and perfectly timed fireworks!

We’ve found that once a parade or fireworks show is over, it’s best to just stay put for about 15 minutes. The park turns into gridlock as people try to exit all at once!

Since we had evening extra magic hours, we headed back to ride The Magic Carpets of Aladdin one more time! It was fun to ride that one in the dark! We snuck a sweaty selfie in Aladdin & Jasmine’s meeting spot. 🙂

I love how the castle remains lit all night and randomly plays music or other projection shows throughout the evening. Main Street looks so pretty lit up at night, too!

Paul ordered a mint chocolate chip brownie sundae from The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and then we grabbed a seat right across from the castle. It was 10:30 by this time – we never, ever stay out this late and it felt like an extra special date night!
This was a very full day (and a long blog post!), but it wasn’t miserable because we took it easy the day before and took time to rest in the afternoon. We got the most out of our last day and had SUCH a great time!

Thanks for coming along with me as I recapped our Disney vacation. It was so much fun to relive the memories! ❤

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6 thoughts on “Disney World Day 4 | Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom Fireworks {September 2019}

  1. What a wonderful trip!! Isn’t Hollywood Studios so fun!? We enjoyed the Indiana Jones show, too, and aren’t really even Indiana Jones fans. My kids would LOVE meeting the Toy Story characters. Glad your last day was a great one!


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