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Aldi Finds: Fall Favorites

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I did a big two-week haul at Aldi last weekend and found some new seasonal items that are hitting the shelves for fall. Their seasonal items used to be limited to one section in the store, but it seems like they’re popping up all over the place now. Just look for the “seasonal item” description on the shelf label.

Here’s what I found!

We’ve found that Aldi dressings are equally as good (or better!) than name brand dressings. These were $1.49 and have low sugar and calorie stats. I’ve used the Honey Apple dressing several times already and love the flavor. It isn’t overpowering like some vinaigrettes can be.

These flavored teas were around $1.50, if I remember correctly (much cheaper than the grocery store or Target!). I’ve tried the Pomegranate one – it has a nice, mild flavor. It’s still green tea so it’s not extremely strong or overpowering. Here’s what it looks like when brewed:

They always bring out a few new things to the baking aisle this time of year, and I picked up these dark chocolate chips. We always end up snacking on chocolate chips (anyone else?), but if they last long enough I’ll try them in some cookies. 🙂 These are not as good as name brand chips – but they are much, much cheaper.

I was really excited to see this pumpkin spice cream cheese spread! You can see on the container that it’s a limited edition item. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it might be delicious in this apple dip! It’s good until the middle of January so you could definitely stock up if you wanted to.

Aldi’s seasonal home decor items are a hit and miss for me. Most of the time I know I can find better deals at TJ Maxx or on sale at Target. Every once and a while I find a good clearance deal that I can’t pass up, like this lantern that I found for $4.19! It came with the LED flameless candle and batteries.

If you see a crazy deal like that, grab it then – those deals do NOT last!

I also found this blue and white rug (machine washable!) for $8. It was the last one they had and was stuffed randomly on a shelf. It is exactly what I wanted for this spot, and the cats love it too. 🙂

Rugs like these tend to slide all over the place, so I secure them with strips of Rug Gripper.

Have you purchased any limited edition seasonal items at Aldi this fall? 


6 thoughts on “Aldi Finds: Fall Favorites

  1. At Aldi I found two large cloth lined baskets on clearance. Exactly what I was looking for to organize my pantry. My favorite thing I bought there is a folding clothes drying rack.


  2. Honey-apple vinaigrette dressing is one of my favorites. I couldn’t find it in the stores so I found a recipe and make my own. Yummy! I keep seeing the pumpkin cream chess in the store but I have to pass it up because I am trying to diet and I know that if I bought that it would be gone in no time.


  3. Great finds!! I picked up some fun gourmet chocolate covered pretzels with Halloween sprinkles. They were under $2 so I picked up one for me and one for a friend. I agree – the home decor can be pricey, but I love picking it up when it goes on clearance. After the Super Bowl last year, I got a great deal on football party stuff for under $1 each.


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