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10 Pictures on Friday: Our 10th Christmas

This is our 10th Christmas together, so I thought it would be fun to share one picture from each year. The one above is from Christmas Eve 2010, just a week after our wedding!

2011-  and the vest that Paul doesn’t wear anymore. 🙂

2012 – the last Christmas my Gramma spent with us before she went to Heaven. ❤

2013 – The era of grainy over-filtered Instagram pictures!

2014 – Our first of what we now call #HamFamHolidays!

2015 – The only picture I have of just the two of us is the one I took for a YouTube video thumbnail. Ha!

2016 – Another YouTube thumbnail pose, this one from a marriage Q&A video.

2017- One of my favorite pictures of us!

2018 – Another great HamFamHoliday!

These pictures remind me of the hope and joy that Jesus brings. I look forward to Christmas all year long – not just for the fun and festiveness, but for the reminder that Jesus came to bring hope to our broken world. I love being able to celebrate that as I reflect over the past year, with whatever joy or heartache it brought.

It’s also really fun to celebrate almost a decade of Christmases with my husband! Next week we’ll celebrate our 9th anniversary, so Monday’s post will be the answers to nine of your questions. We might even get on Instagram stories to tell the story of how we met!

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


14 thoughts on “10 Pictures on Friday: Our 10th Christmas

  1. So many sweet memories!! Isn’t it fun to go back and remember how life was during all those different seasons? Pictures always transport me back in time and flood me with memories.


  2. I loved the walk down memory lane. I think on our first Christmas I had a Dorothy Hamill hair cut which was popular after the Olympics when Dorothy Hamill wowed everyone with her skating!:) Happy 9th anniversary!! Yall are looking good for old married folks,:)


  3. I love how you’ve chronicled each year at Christmas! I love all the pictures, but I think I agree with you – 2017 is my favorite! #HamFamHolidays – such great times and memories!!


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