Anniversary Q&A {2019}

Tomorrow we are celebrating the 9th anniversary of our Christmas wedding! In honor of that event, I’m sharing the answers to nine of the questions you asked us on Instagram. We had fun working through these questions together!

What has been the biggest help to get through 9 years of marriage?Β 

Paul: Spending lots of time on my own praying for us as a couple.

Whitney: My own spiritual growth.


What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned from being married?

Paul: Realizing I’m not always right and that it’s okay to be wrong. My way may not be the best for US.

Whitney: Realizing I’m a people pleaser! (to which Paul said, “Oh…BIG time!”)


What do you both enjoy doing together?

Paul: Just about anything as long as it’s not driving.

Whitney: He’s right. I drive too slow and Paul drives like he’s qualifying for Daytona. But really, we enjoy watching John Wayne movies, going to Disney World, going to college basketball games and attending Broadway shows.


Where did you go on your first date?

Paul: No idea. Was it a coffee shop? Dunkin Donuts?

Whitney: It was January 26, 2010 at Dunkin Donuts in Easley, South Carolina. I wore jeans, a blue top and a green scarf. Paul wore athletic pants and a light blue Nike hoodie. He held my hands across the table the whole time and I was smitten. After talking for a couple hours we went to my apartment and watched American Idol. πŸ™‚

What is the hardest part about marriage?

Paul:Β  The blending of two lives, two personalities, two individuals becoming one. It’s hard work. You shouldn’t marry someone thinking you’re going to change them, but in a marriage you should change.

Whitney: Becoming one person instead of two independent individuals. I thought it would happen automatically. It doesn’t!


What is the easiest part of marriage?

Paul: Having someone cook for you and do your laundry.

Whitney: Being a homemaker.


What has gotten easier the longer you’ve been married?

Paul: It’s gotten easier to see things from her perspective. For example, I know she’s a list person and that’s how she thinks.

Whitney: Marriage has gotten harder! (I wrote about my thoughts on the reality of marriage in this post)


When did you know the other person was “the one?”

Paul: Two weeks after our first date, when we had that date at Fatz.

Whitney: Same!


What is it like being married to the sweetest wife on earth? (thanks to my friend Christy for this question πŸ˜‰ ❀ )

Paul: She’s not the sweetest wife ever. It’s okay though. It’s great! It has little moments of challenge.

Whitney: (that’s exactly what he said! πŸ™‚ )

Thanks to Jamie, Helen, Melissa, Christy, Sara, Elizabeth, Kristy, Amelia, and everyone else for your questions! Here are some recent posts I’ve written about marriage – ones that come from those “harder” years of marriage I referenced earlier:


13 thoughts on “Anniversary Q&A {2019}

  1. This was great! So fun to “hear” your responses…and honesty! Marriage can be such bliss…and our greatest refiner’s fire. Have a wonderful anniversary!


  2. Happy Anniversary! This was fun! Some good honest answers from both of you.

    I always laugh when we watch Wheel of Fortune. “Everyone” has the most wonderful wife or husband in the world. Hahahaha! I don’t think that is reality.


  3. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you’ve got fun plans for the coming year. Marriage definitely requires work. Good work, but still work.


  4. Happy Anniversary. I think there are little things we still struggle with after 43 years of marriage Whitney. I remind him about his tone of voice. And he chides me about being anxious about things I can do nothing about. But overall our personalizes have melded to the point that we know what the other is thinking and that is a nice thing.


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