Anniversary Q&A {2019}

Tomorrow we are celebrating the 9th anniversary of our Christmas wedding! In honor of that event, I'm sharing the answers to nine of the questions you asked us on Instagram. We had fun working through these questions together! What has been the biggest help to get through 9 years of marriage?  Paul: Spending lots of… Continue reading Anniversary Q&A {2019}

Friday Favorites · Marriage

6 Pictures on Friday {6th Anniversary Edition}

Tomorrow we will celebrate our 6th anniversary! We are planning to exchange Christmas gifts, eat brunch, watch movies and have a chilled-out day at home together. I'm going to log out of social media and soak up the day. We haven't done that in a long time and I'm really looking forward to it! I… Continue reading 6 Pictures on Friday {6th Anniversary Edition}

Enjoying The Journey

Dinner Party Planning: My Parents’ 35th Anniversary

Last weekend my sister and I had the privilege of helping our parents celebrate their 35th anniversary. We had so much fun planning and hosting this event! Other than my wedding (which was pretty simple), this was the biggest event I've organized. Alli's creativity and excellent taste was a perfect match for my love of spreadsheets… Continue reading Dinner Party Planning: My Parents’ 35th Anniversary

Enjoying The Journey · Marriage

Celebrating Our Fourth Anniversary

For our fourth anniversary celebration we combined several of our favorite things and planned a fabulous afternoon together! We got tickets to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast, before which we ate brunch at Soby's, one of the best restaurants downtown. Even though we celebrated after Christmas, we were still able to enjoy the Christmas decorations… Continue reading Celebrating Our Fourth Anniversary