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High Five For Friday!

1// Yesterday Paul and I celebrated our 5th anniversary! We enjoyed memories of our magical Disney vacation (which was an early anniversary celebration) by looking at our pics and watching our Disney vlog. Then we headed to Texas Roadhouse for a yummy steak dinner, after which we hit up Target for a new living room area rug. It was a fun evening full of all my favorite things!


2// I spent last weekend in Tennessee with my family. We had a great time making cookies, shopping, eating and hanging out! Their church’s Christmas program was Sunday evening and I was my sister’s official page turner while she accompanied the choir on piano. It’s always great to be at church with my family!

TN Weekend

3// My BIL was sweet and took Alli and me to the mall Saturday night. I wanted to take advantage of a few sales and coupons – I came home with all this from Bath & Body Works (plus 2 more hand sanitizers not pictured) for right at $12. That’s less than the cost of the candle alone!

b&bw haul

4// How about a shout out for the last week before Christmas?! I love this season so much, and I’m trying to soak up every moment that I can!


5// Are you watching my Home For The Holidays series on YouTube? Here’s the latest one from our shopping adventures in Tennessee!

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20 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. What a great week! I so enjoyed your video with your shopping trip. That street is straight out of a movie! Merry Christmas! Enjoy your holidays!


    1. Would you believe it? That street WAS in a movie! I actually learned that little fact the day I took that video. My friend grew up there and told me there was a movie filmed there back in the 80’s! 🙂


  2. What a wonderful week! Happy anniversary!!! Also that’s a Bright on a Budget haul right there from B&BW. Also, as I was reading this, totally realized I put the wrong cat names on your Christmas card. Thelma LOU and Peggy, not Thelma and Louise.hahaha #friendfail #revokemycrazycatladycard That’s what happens when you fill out your cards last minute with a toddler running around.



  3. Hi Whitney!
    SO glad to find your blog from High Five for Friday! My anniversary is also in December (the 12th) and we went to Disney for our Honeymoon:) And, along with the rest of the women in America…love Target;) Happy Anniversary…enjoyed reading your post!
    Cassidy @ Peaches & Pearls


  4. Great haul from BBW! I love all this family time you’re getting. And a happy anniversary! That sounds like the perfect anniversary celebration to me. 5 years is so exciting!! And I’m SO BEHIND on watching your Christmas Vlogs! I need to have a Whitney binge watch 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!!


  5. What a fun week!! It sounds like your trip to visit family couldn’t have gone any better. I love doing special weekends like that. Happy anniversary!! Rugs are one of my very favorite home decor things to shop for. They make such a big impact and really pull a room together. Hope you found something you love 🙂


    1. We do have tons of fun together! Alli came to my house last year for a Christmas baking sesh. It was so helpful to get all that baking done in one afternoon that we decided to do it again this year and invite Mom to join us! 🙂 I think it will be a tradition as long as we live close enough to do it!


  6. Your posts sure do make me smile! So glad you enjoyed such a sweet anniversary celebration, and a wonderful trip to Tennessee! Hooray for family time and bargains! I’ve loved your Home for the Holidays vlogging series, and I think this week’s vid was my favorite yet! I’ve gotten a little behind on my blog reading in the midst of this month’s merriment (lol), so I’m looking forward to catching up on your posts now! Have a beautiful weekend ahead, sweet friend! xo – Brenda //


  7. What a haul at Bath and Body Works! I try to hit their soap sales to replenish my bathroom soaps for the seasons. I received my pretty Christmas Card yesterday. My husband was impressed that we blog friends exchange cards. That might explain why men have so few


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