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January 2020 In Review

January hasn’t been getting a lot of love on the internet lately – I keep seeing memes about the 489 days in this month and how it seems like it will never end. Has it felt like that for you? I hope not!

I’m wrapping up the month, as I always do, with the highlights. Keep in mind that these are the highlights from January – most of the days were just ordinary ones with work, housekeeping and everyday life. 🙂

On New Year’s Day, my whole family met up in Asheville for lunch and shopping. We had the best time and even squeezed in a birthday celebration for my brother in law during lunch. It’s not often that all 8 of us can be together, so we cherish those times!

My sister and her boys came to visit one weekend while my BIL was out of town. We ate some delicious Mexican, explored the Children’s Museum and had some great sister time!

The next weekend I headed back to Tennessee for the funeral of a sweet lady in my parent’s church who was like family. It was sad to say goodbye, but I’m thankful for the hope of Heaven and the confidence that I will see her again one day.

Being in Tennessee meant that I got to enjoy breakfast by the fire at my parent’s home – isn’t that so elegant and cozy? I got to spend the morning with my nephews, and then my mom, sister and I headed out for a little shopping!

On Sunday Paul and I celebrated the 10th anniversary of our first date!

Since I decorate for fall so early, I always feel like I’m starting over with “normal” decor after Christmas. It’s been fun to organize and redecorate several rooms this month!

I shared the rest of my updated kitchen earlier this week, but my favorite part is the new gallery wall with my Christmas gift saucers and Dollar Tree canvases! You all have been so sweet to tell me how much you love it, too! ❤

Sadly, we’ve had lots of mild, rainy days this month. January gives us the best chance for snow, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. We’ve had several cold evenings and chilly mornings – so at least there’s been a reason to snuggle with a cozy blanket. Peggy doesn’t need a reason anyway! 🙂

My 14 day marriage challenge starts tomorrow – I hope you’ll join me! 



4 thoughts on “January 2020 In Review

  1. Just read your post – but you got your snow!!:) (is that something to cheer about – I’m not sure!) But if it made you happy – then Hooray!! 🙂


  2. Lots to celebrate for you in January! It’s my birthday month, but I also find it excruciatingly long. I live in Colorado, so we won’t get warm weather for another few months. I’m trying to find little things to celebrate so that I don’t go bananas in the cold. Thanks for sharing!


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