Blue and White Kitchen Update + Loving The Home You Have!

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I love our kitchen – it’s what sold us on the house! l’ve made a few updates in here over the last several months and I’m excited to share them with you today.

Since we have an open floor plan, I’ve been working to make the colors and decor flow from the kitchen to the dining room and living area.

My mom inspired me with this super simple curtain trick – grab a small tension curtain rod, a pack of curtain rings and two cloth napkins and you’re done! It really softens the window without having to pull out any tools.

My “cat mom” towel is on Amazon for $10!

This little gallery on my wall is the most recent update! My MIL gave me those lovely saucers for Christmas and I instantly knew they would be perfect here. I hung them along with two Dollar Tree canvases I had in my stash and a custom spoon from Southern Bliss Designs.

My mini kitchen island is from Target – that version isn’t currently available, but here’s a larger one that is so pretty!

We replaced the kitchen floors last summer and put in Lifeproof Vinyl. I’m honestly not in love with it – keeping it clean has been a challenge.

The teapot on my counter was my Gramma’s, and the sweet little tea cups were thrifted. “With dessert, she’ll want tea…and my dear, that’s fine with me!” Name that movie song quote! 🙂

My coffee mug display contains more blue and white treasures from my Gramma’s collection, cups I’ve received as gifts, a thrifted cup and one from our recent trip to Disney!

My kitchen isn’t the fanciest or the most Instagrammable one out there – I have builder grade cabinets with no hardware, clunky blinds (that I can’t live without – how do people live without blinds?!) and yellow undertones instead of trendy gray or white. And yet I love my kitchen! 🙂

Being a homemaker means doing the best with what you have to create a peaceful, cozy space where you can enjoy life. ❤ If your kitchen needs a little update, why not give it a simple touch like a new rug or a pretty hand towel?

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29 thoughts on “Blue and White Kitchen Update + Loving The Home You Have!

  1. I’ve mentioned to you before that I like your home so much because it doesn’t look like every other one on Instagram. It looks like someone actually lives there, with color and personality and warmth!


  2. Hi Whitney! I agree with everyone here – your home is so pretty and warm and inviting! 🙂 You put together such pretty little vignettes and groupings throughout your home. I struggle with doing the best with what I have sometimes, too. My house is not the trendiest or most “instagrammable” – but I try to make it warm and homey and a special place for my family. Just displaying some special mementos, a family heirloom, a new candle or a pretty hand towel always does the trick for me. I’ve learned that it really is the love and warmth that people feel when they step into our homes that’s most important. Real life and a real home is where joy is felt and memories are made. 🙂


  3. Everything looks lovely and very you! It’s fun to see the things you’ve collected over the years from your favorite stores and favorite people all come together. Great work 🙂


  4. I love your kitchen, it looks so clean and organized. Have you seen the new blue and white decor at Michaels? My store has a full isle and a lot of it looks similar to what you collect.


  5. Whitney, I just love your beautiful kitchen. It looks like a warm, friendly person lives there : ) You have a great eye for decorating. Thank you for sharing!


  6. Loved this post, Whitney, especially the advice on doing the best with what you have. I needed to hear that. We recently bought a very old, dated home (a fixer upper) and the kitchen will require time and attention. We can’t afford much, either, so I’m going to do the best with what I have! 🙂 Thank you.


  7. The picture grouping really makes a statement. As far as the wall color is concerned, I believe it’s a bit boring when all homes are decorated with the same gray colors and exact ding tables, etc. An interior decorator once told me this is your home so let it be uniquely your personality and not the latest fad.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I’ll have to remember that curtain hack. Such a great idea! My kitchen has yellow undertones too. At first I wanted to paint over it, but I decided it’s sunshiny and bright and welcoming! I think grey can sometimes seem a little gloomy, especially in the wintertime.


  9. Your kitchen is so inviting and cozy and I can especially say so because I have been the recipient of its warmth! The layout is perfect and the touches you’ve added are 👌! I can’t believe those new canvases are from Dollar tree! You do a great job with adding special touches, like the mix of the old and new dishes. I love it!!


    1. I love it too! The personal touches make it yours. I love that you’ve incorporated your Gramma’s pieces! 💙 My kitchen is not trendy gray or all neutrals. I like a splash of color.


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