4 Unusual Uses for Your Hand Held Vacuum

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Your hand held vacuum can do a lot more than clean up Cheerios and pet hair. It’s actually one of my favorite cleaning tools – there are many ways that it makes cleaning my house so much easier! Here are four places you might not have thought to use your hand held vacuum!

#1 Inside the Refrigerator

Before I restock the drawers with fresh groceries, I grab my hand held vacuum and use the long attachment to suck up all the crumbs, onion skin, shredded cheese and anything else that’s collected in the bottom!

#2 Inside the Trash Can 

Even though we all line our kitchen trash cans with bags, stuff still ends up in there! I use my hand held vacuum frequently to clean up the trash can and all the junk that is left behind.

#3 Around the Litter Box

No matter what kind of litter you use, it’s almost certain that you’ll end up with traces of it around the box. After I clean the litter box each morning, I grab the vacuum to quickly suck up the leftover pieces of litter that fly everywhere when the cats jump out of the box and run across the room. Cats are weird sometimes. 

#4 Inside Kitchen Drawers

How do crumbs end up inside kitchen drawers? It’s a mystery to me! The worst one is that drawer under the stove – but a few seconds with your hand held vacuum will make it look so much better.

I have the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum – it’s worked great for several years! There are several attachments that are helpful for removing cat hair from furniture, beds and baseboards.

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10 thoughts on “4 Unusual Uses for Your Hand Held Vacuum

  1. I have definitely used mine to clean out the inside of the drawers… I don’t know where the dust and sawdust looking stuff in there keeps coming from but this is so much easier than trying to wash them out.


  2. Such smart ideas! Makes me miss having a little hand held vacuum. We have a stick vac right now and it’s fine. It just can’t get it small spaces like this one.


  3. I’m glad you recommended this hand help vacuum to me a year ago! It’s so handy and does a remarkable job removing dust and pet hair from cushions. Last week I also used it on our guest room drapes to give them a fresh look.


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