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My Favorite Things to Buy at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross

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Always a fan of a bargain, it’s probably no surprise that I love shopping in stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross! It can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but there are so many treasures that it’s worth the overload. πŸ™‚ Here are my favorite things to buy in stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross!

#1 Beauty and Skin Care Items

I love finding my favorite moisturizers, night creams and serums for half the price! I fell in love with Acure Day Cream a couple years ago and always look for it when I’m shopping these stores. Recently I found two bottles of it on clearance for $6 at Marshalls – less than half of the price I pay on Amazon!

My favorite nail polish brands are Essie and OPI, and I can always find them for $4 at any of these stores. Those polishes run $10 and up at Ulta!

If you have a hard time finding the nail polish display in your stores, look in the checkout lane – they aren’t usually displayed in the beauty section.

#2 Hostess Gifts

My mom is really smart and picks up little treasures she finds on clearance to tuck into her stash of hostess gift items. I try to do the same thing so that I’m always ready if I need a little gift! Things like pretty/seasonal dish towels, candles, dessert plates, kitchen gadgets (cute measuring spoons, etc.) or gourmet food items are great to keep on hand.

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#3 Purses

Almost all of my purses come from these stores – I’m not interested in paying more than $30 for a purse and the prices are perfect. TJ Maxx probably has the best selection of purses, totes and backpacks, and I love how they are always organized by color making it really easy to find what you need!

The backpack I used at Disney World was around $11 from Ross. The yellow purse I’m currently carrying receives so many compliments – it was a TJ Maxx clearance find for $20!

#4 Organizing Supplies

Most of the bins and containers I use to organize my home come from Dollar Tree, but when I need a specific or larger organizational system I run right to these stores. The bathroom tower above came from TJ Maxx and was less than $20, and I found the matching white bins for our bathroom shelves on clearance for $2 each!

#5 Pajamas

Why pay $60 for a Ralph Lauren flannel sleep shirt when you can get the same one at TJ Maxx for $25? I love shopping for night gowns, pajama sets and robes at these stores – usually I can find what I want for less than $15. There’s not always a huge selection, but if you hit it at the right time you can find some great pieces!

#6 Blue and White Decor & Dishes

Personally, I’ve found that Ross has the best retail prices on blue and white pieces. They don’t have a lot of it at once, but I grab it when I see it!

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What is your favorite thing to buy at TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Ross? You might be a fan of another similar store like HomeGoods, Burkes Outlet or Tuesday Morning – I love those, too! The stores I mentioned are just the ones I visit most often. I want to hear your favorites!


7 thoughts on “My Favorite Things to Buy at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross

  1. You find such great things! I love your purse! I have found the most things at Marshall’s and probably need to visit the other stores more often. Shoes and purses are my favorite things to look at and hopefully buy!


  2. My mother who passed 15 years ago and now my mother-in-law and I love shopping all these stores and we get the best bargains. I so enjoyed reading this as we are heading out Saturday for our twice monthly shop. We hit Ross, TJ and Marshalls and also have lunch. I hope some spring clothes are in! Thanks for your blog!


  3. TJ Maxx is one of my very favorite places to shop! I should spend more time checking out their beauty sections. I tend to get overwhelmed by the quantity there. I love to buy accessories, earrings, kimonos, kid toys, home decor, holiday decor, party supplies and books at TJ Maxx. I love that it’s an adventure and you really never know what kind of deal you are going to find! I ended up coming home with a kimono, hostess gift, hair clips and baby outfit on my last trip there.


    1. I totally agree about the beauty section being overwhelming! It helps me to look for brands I already use. If I don’t see familiar packaging, I move on to another section. For example, in the nail polish section I only pick up bottles that are OPI and Essie. It’s much more manageable!


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