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5 Pictures on Friday: Hendersonville Weekend {6.12.20}

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Paul and I spent more time at home together this spring than ever before. June is usually the month that we’re able to reconnect after a very busy spring sports season (he’s a college & high school sports referee). Instead, we found ourselves a little short-fused and weary of our daily routine at home.

We agreed that a weekend getaway sounded great and planned a 24 trip to Hendersonville, North Carolina – less than an hour from home. It’s in the mountains, close to good restaurants and shopping and not hard to find. Perfect!

You might know that Paul is a huge fan of hot dogs – he’d eat them every day if he could. We planned to visit Hot Dog World but were so disappointed that they closed early on Saturdays. What is it with good restaurants and weird weekend hours?! We will definitely make a trip back to eat there some time.

The weekend wasn’t a total loss for good food. We had brunch at Arabella, a really cute and trendy restaurant downtown. The food was delicious and so affordable.

I took this picture to capture the decor and feel of the restaurant, but had to chuckle when I realized how perfectly it describes the post-Covid culture: pastries sitting out in the open, but a bottle of disinfectant on the counter. Ha!

It is amazing how much this quick trip helped our day-to-day relationship. The anticipation before our trip, combined with the knowledge that we were doing this for each other, made the days before the trip a little lighter. We’ve felt more like a team this week, getting on each other’s nerves a lot less (we’re still human). 😉

I think this was the first time in 9 1/2 years that we’ve gone on a trip like that, with no other reason than to just hang out and invest in each other. It won’t be the last!

We stayed in a Holiday Inn Express, which is currently my hotel of choice. I always book through Expedia because I can then use Rakuten to earn cashback! Even on a quick trip, I’m interested in saving money and getting a good deal. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “5 Pictures on Friday: Hendersonville Weekend {6.12.20}

  1. Such a good idea to de-stress now and then. Some couples try to get away for each anniversary, but that can’t always happen.


  2. What a fun little getaway! Sorry that you weren’t able to go to the hotdog hot spot, but maybe it gives you a good excuse to plan a return trip 🙂 We always enjoy trying new food when we visit a new city.


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