Friday Favorites

5 Things on Friday {8.7.20}

#1 Have you signed up for Panera’s free coffee deal? I’ve been enjoying it for a couple weeks now. Making iced coffee at home is a little complicated, so I’m loving the ability to grab a free one a couple times a week on my way to work!

#2 I loved this article from Lifeway: 8 Ways To Use Social Media For Good. This quote from the author, Daniel Darling, really gives pause, “The Internet isn’t going anywhere, so we can either complain about how corrosive social media is or we can use our voices to elevate what is good and true and beautiful.”

#3 We enjoyed a slightly splurgy date night last weekend at one of our favorite local restaurants, Great Bay Oyster House. I ordered the Pecan Crusted Catfish with Red Pepper Aioli over Parmesan Risotto and it was absolutely delicious! Paul had a burger and onion rings. 🙂 We’re definitely opposites in the food category!

#4 My Facebook memories popped up with photos of my living room from 7 years ago. I couldn’t believe how different it looked! Click the arrow in the photo below to see the “before.”

#5 Those photos are from my #HappyHomemaker2020 challenge on Instagram, where we are having SO much fun sharing the things we love about our homes and the lives we lead there. If you haven’t joined but would like to participate, please do! You can jump in any time. Click here for all the details.

In Case You Missed It:

Have a lovely weekend!


2 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday {8.7.20}

  1. I’ve had several people recommend that Panera coffee deal to me lately. I’m just not near a Panera very often! Sounds like a wonderful treat though.


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