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Menu Monday: Summer Survival

If it’s June, July or August, you can almost guarantee I’ve eaten a peach in the last 24 hours. Paul and I both try to eat at least one every day – you just can’t beat a fresh South Carolina peach! 🙂

I’m working really hard to keep the kitchen cool, but my love for comfort food always prevails. We just keep the ceiling fans going and push through the heat!

On The Menu


  • Peaches on Cinnamon Life Cereal (so good!)



Do you stick to traditionally “summer” foods, or do you indulge in some comfort food meals that heat up the kitchen?


4 thoughts on “Menu Monday: Summer Survival

  1. Your menu sounds delicious! I will need to try the blackened chicken. I’ve been on the hunt for that type of cooked chicken recipe for awhile now! We usually stick to summer foods this time of year, but aside from summery Mexican chicken bowls, I’ve really been craving comfort food all summer. I’ve also been using the oven mainly on baking, because we received 7 dozen eggs from a friend (as well as tons of apples), so I’ve been making all the apple cake and bread recipes I can get my hands on!


  2. We don’t have AC, so I tend to stick with summer type meals that don’t heat up the kitchen as much. We’ve been enduring weeks of hot humid weather up here. We eat a lot of main-dish salads.

    That said, your menus sound delicious! I am planning on making the Texas Country Potato Salad, maybe even for supper tonight. And the Savannah Red Rice sounds so good as well. I read the reviews and was wondering … do you use instant rice or regular?

    I’ve been joining in your happy homemaker challenge too … we’ll see if I can keep that up all month!


    1. I loved that potato salad recipe – hope you did too! 🙂 For the Red Rice, I used cooked minute rice – so I only used half the amount of water that the recipe calls for and only baked it for about 25 minutes. So glad you’re joining the homemaker challenge! 🙂


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