Three Things To Use In Gallery Walls (that aren’t pictures)

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Over the years I’ve become a huge fan of gallery walls. They are a great way to fill a large wall on a budget, and also help you to reflect your style and personality throughout your home.

Here are three things you might not have thought to use in your gallery walls. At the end of the post I’ll share a few tips for actually putting these things on the wall, so make sure you read to the end!

#1 Plates

I love gallery walls that are entirely made up of plates, but they can also be incorporated into your display. This is easiest to do in the kitchen, but I also think it’s pretty in living rooms or bedrooms!

custom wood spoon

#2 Unusual Shapes

Thinking outside the box really makes gallery walls fun! Things like kitchen utensils, hooks, mirrors or plant holders add texture and interest.

I almost feel like things that don’t have pictures or words keep the collection from being too busy. Sometimes you need to keep it simple! Below is the simple gallery wall over our bed that incorporates pictures, mirrors and (faux) plants.

#3 Sentimental Items

This is my favorite thing to use in gallery walls! It’s a great way for the things you love to be on display instead of becoming clutter. In my office I have a frame with pieces of envelopes from letters I received in high school.

Paul’s man cave has a collection that includes a poster and a team picture from his college intramural basketball team. I’m also hoping to add one of his sorority t-shirts over a canvas (mainly to stop him from wearing that worn out old shirt from 20 years ago. Ha!).

This is such great way to inexpensively decorate a space! The gallery above cost $2 for 2 Dollar Tree frames. Everything else was free!

The place where Paul works changed their parking signs, so he brought home one they were going to throw away. I created the whistle image in PicMonkey and turned it into a “Referee Parking” sign that fits perfectly with his basketball/referee theme.

On the other side of Paul’s man cave is this gallery wall that includes a souvenir from our latest trip to Disney World!

Here are a few tricks that I’ve learned along the way:

This process is much easier with two people. I start by laying everything out on the floor and arranging the pieces until I get the look I want.

I don’t measure or fuss too much before I start putting things on the wall (I probably should), but I do use a pencil to mark the spot for the nail. If I’m using more than one nail I’ll also use a level to make sure they are even.

My mom originally designed my office gallery wall, although I’ve added to it over the years. She used straight pins (the same ones you have in your sewing kit) to hang everything on my wall! They hold so many things and leave barely a mark on the wall.

We did use a small nail for some of Paul’s tin signs in the man cave. Things that can’t be hung with a pin or nail get Command strips

Use a little bit of poster tack to secure things that want to hang crooked. My office gallery wall is on the other side of the laundry room, so without poster tack those pictures would constantly be crooked from the spin cycle!

Even if you don’t have a cute Mom to help you, this is something anyone can do! 🙂 Gather your favorite things together and see what you can create!

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6 thoughts on “Three Things To Use In Gallery Walls (that aren’t pictures)

  1. All of your gallery walls look great! I agree with your tips. I prefer the more eclectic gallery walls filled with items you’ve gathered over time. Sentimental items, variety of items and photos just make a gallery wall come together so nicely.

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  2. I love your gallery walls and all of the cute and fun things hanging up! I have a blank wall in my craft room that needs your ideas and tips. Wish you lived close by and could help me.


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