How To Keep a Clean House with Indoor Cats {even more ways!}

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It’s not easy to have a clean house when you’ve got two indoor cats and less than 1,500 square feet – but it can be done! Here are four things I do to keep my house clean while enjoying life with indoor cats!

1 – Keep The Air Fresh

This sounds obvious, but I try to use a combination of different products to keep the air in my house clean and fresh. One of the easiest is the cone air fresheners from Dollar Tree. Right now I have one on a table at the front door and one in the laundry room next to the litter box. When you walk in the door from outside, you get a whiff of the clean scent and not a face full of crazy cat lady.

I also love using my air purifier to clean the air all over the house. After letting it run for about 30 minutes, the air is noticeably fresher! It’s quiet enough to turn on in the living room even when we have company, keeping the air continually fresh and clean!

The model I have isn’t in stock anymore, but this one is very similar. I also try to change our air conditioner filters a little more frequently than recommended.

2 – Brush The Cats

Especially when they lose their winter coats, I try to frequently brush the cats to keep the shedding as minimal as possible. This also helps them to have fewer fur balls, which also keeps the house cleaner! (yuck) My cats are shorthairs, but they can still shed with the best of them!

You can find lots of fancy cat brushes on Amazon, but I’ve always used a regular small tined comb from Dollar Tree. I gently brush them while they’re eating and they don’t even seem to notice!

3 – Stock Up On Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are a cat owner’s best friend – but they are not created equal! I picked up the Evercare Pet Lint Roller at Dollar General and have fallen in love with it! This lint roller works better than any other that I’ve tried.

Not only do I use it on my clothes, I use lint rollers to get cat hair off the furniture, lamp shades and decorative pillows.

4 – Protect Your Bedding

Both of the beds in my house have duvet covers, making it easy to launder them at home. I recently bought a new duvet cover for the guest room, and I am in love with how soft it is!

Because the cats love to sleep on the guest bed, I keep it covered with an extra blanket that I remove only when company is about to arrive.

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4 thoughts on “How To Keep a Clean House with Indoor Cats {even more ways!}

  1. Sweet cats! I agree – those lint roller brushes are a life saver. I keep them at home and in the car so we are always prepared. I could definitely be better about brushing our cats. One loves it, one hates it and the kittens have never been brushed. I vaccum daily, clean out litter boxes often and keep their cat zones with food/water/litter tidy. It’s a big job πŸ™‚


  2. Your cats are so pretty! We got a kitten in July, he’s a love!!! Thanks for the info, I love β€œa face full of crazy cat lady”, gave me a good chuckle this morning!!!!


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