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October 2020 In Review

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1 – Marriage Conference

We are so grateful that our church provided this fun and practical event! Read my recap post for the highlights: Why We Attended a Marriage Conference

2 – Anne of Green Gables

The same weekend as the marriage conference, we were able to get tickets to see Anne of Green Gables at The Logos Theatre! We love going to plays and musicals, so this was a fun and unexpected treat!

I recommend checking out this theatre if you’re local to Greenville, SC. The venue isn’t fancy but their productions are really top-notch. We hope to catch their Christmas program in December!

3 – Downtown Date Night

We’re grateful to live in an area with lots of little towns, and Greer is our favorite! The downtown has been restored with cute storefronts, great restaurants and brick streets with lighting and decor that makes you feel like you’re in a Hallmark movie!

Greer hosted outdoor dining events on Friday nights this month – it was like a fancy food festival! You could order from an outdoor station and then sit down to eat at a cute table decorated by that restaurant. So much better than squatting on a curb to eat your food! 🙂

I really appreciated that the city truly made the best of these times! We had a great time enjoying the cool weather and pretty setting.

4 – Tennessee Day

I spent the day with my family in East Tennessee and stopped to take in the view from the overlook on the way there. Isn’t that gorgeous?

After hanging out with my adorable, hilarious and all-boy nephews for a few hours, my sister and I took them to Dollar Tree. When we got out of the car, one of them said “We’re at Dollar Tree! Hooray!” We’re teaching them young! 🙂

I ended the day with supper at my parent’s house. My mom made her Chicken Piccata, Red Skin Mashed Potatoes with Lemony Gravy, Asparagus and one of her famous salads, and I got to try her new Apple Cake for dessert.

My mouth is literally watering after typing that. This gorgeous arrangement included flowers my dad brought her that day. ❤ We had a great time talking over supper and for a little while after! It was a great day.

5 – Piano Fun

I received two Disney piano books for my birthday – it’s been so much fun to play through them! I’ve had to work hard (I’m a lazy pianist who relies a lot on my ear) but I’m loving it!

The first two I learned were the Beauty and the Beast medley (above) from the Disney Medleys book and A Whole New World from Disney Peaceful Piano Solos. 90’s Disney is the best! 🙂

(I have several videos of me playing hymns over on IGTV – last week’s was Come, Christians, Join to Sing!)

Make me walk along the path of your commands, for that is where my happiness is found. Psalm 119:35

I have been reading Psalm 119 this month, and it has been so good for my heart. It doesn’t take much for me to be overwhelmed and annoyed by all the things people are telling me to do right now. “Wear this. Stand here. Don’t touch that. Believe this. Vote now. Don’t roll down your window in the Target pickup area.” (That last one makes me laugh)

It’s so good to know that following God’s law doesn’t wear me out or overwhelm me – it does the opposite and gives me life! He is merciful, trustworthy and always the same. Amen!

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14 thoughts on “October 2020 In Review

  1. I love your thought about Psalm 119. I too can get incredibly annoyed by all of the unreasonable and silly demands being put upon us right now, as well as by those small-minded folks whose mission in life seems to be tattling on others. Thinking on the truths and magnificence of God’s Word would be an excellent antidote. Thank you for sharing that.

    Reading your October post, and thinking over our own autumn, has reminded me that even though much has been taken from us, we still have much, and for that we can praise our gracious and merciful God.

    And that candle must smell delicious! Hmmm … I have a Bath and Body Works gift card. I just might see about getting one for myself!


  2. What a fun October! I love Anne of Green Gables! That supper at your parent’s house looks so yummy! I see you have a vanilla pumpkin marshmallow candle…that is a fave here! Fall candles are the best! Have a blessed weekend!


  3. I totally get the annoyance. 😏
    So thankful for a God that never changes. “ when my heart is overwhelmed , lead me to the rock that is higher than I” Psalm 61:2
    Have a great weekend!


  4. Such a fun month. We look forward to attending plays and musicals again. I can be annoyed by the general unkindness, so I am going to take your suggestion and read Psalm 119 every day in November. Starting today, a little early, but I need it! Thank you! Hope you have a great weekend.


  5. Well, not originally from Greenville. However, it is close to Charlotte- so I did go there a couple of times. Sometimes just to visit or a trip to The Peace Center.

    I went to Greenville’s Peace Center twice- 1st to Phantom of the Opera with my mom and 2nd to Les Mis with my university. Gardner Webb is literally in the middle of nowhere, but close enough to Greenville and Charlotte to even see tours- that is how Les Mis was able to happen at The Peace Center


      1. Les Mis was able to happen in Greenville due to seeing in November of 2017- that was my 5th time seeing the musical

        The Peace Center is such a gorgeous theater


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