Cozy Fall Guest Room

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I really love how the guest room looks right now, so I thought it would be fun to give you a room tour! This room has been a very slow work in progress over the eight years we’ve lived here.

This furniture has been with me a long time! My Pappa built the dressing table for me in the early 90’s, and the bed and dresser were in my high school bedroom. I spent a lot of time in my room dreaming about the day I’d be an adult with my own home, so I love having these pieces in my house!

This room is not perfect or completely decorated. I’ve added to it little by little as I made purchases or moved things from other rooms in the house. This fall I’ve been working on upgrading our bedding, so I added a new duvet cover from Amazon that is amazingly soft.

The duvet cover was under $25, came with two matching shams and is available in lots of colors. I am really happy with it! It’s nice to be able to easily wash the cover to freshen up the bedding as needed.

I added a quilt under the duvet and made the bed with a set of sheets that are available on Amazon. The bed always has clean sheets on it so that I’m always ready for company!

I want to encourage and inspire you to do the best that you can with the space you have! Whether it’s your guest room, one of your kids’ rooms or your own bedroom, you can take small steps to make it a cozier space that you’ll love!

My friend Nikki refreshed her master bedroom for $50 – you can watch her video on YouTube and see the whole process. She really inspired me!

More home decorating inspiration on Come Home For Comfort:


4 thoughts on “Cozy Fall Guest Room

  1. Iโ€™ve always loved your guest room. It is sunny and has everything you need to get ready for the day. I love sitting at that dressing table doing my hair and make up. The duvet is really pretty! All your decorative pieces and color accents are just beautiful! Canโ€™t wait to be a guest in that room again!


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