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3 Things To Do After Christmas

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Christmas isn’t over yet! At the time this post goes live, the fun has just begun! I’m not about to rush ahead – I’m savoring every glorious moment – but I wanted to get this information out there so that it’s fresh in your mind once the holiday is over.

Here are three things you can do after Christmas that will really help you next year. Your future self will thank you!

#1 Take Notes For Next Year

I have a section in my yearly Christmas planner titled “Notes for Next Year.” Every year after Christmas I make notes for myself that I then reference early in November of the next year. I write things like:

  • Gift ideas for specific people
  • Reminders of where I stashed extra decor I picked up after everything was put away in storage
  • Things I’m glad I did or things I wished I’d done differently
  • Anything I want to tell my future self, like “Decorate early” or “Don’t worry about such and such…”

If you don’t use a whole Christmas planner, you could stick your list in the November section of your regular planner or even tuck it in with your Christmas decorations!

#2 Put Christmas Decor Away Neatly

My life became much easier when I purchased a bunch of clear bins for storing all my Christmas decor!

If you decorate pretty much the same way every year, you could box things up by room or by tree. I sort my decor by color: reds, greens, golds; and by type: greenery, mercury glass, wall decor, etc.

I wipe out the bins before I put things back and then make sure they are numbered with a sticky note taped on the inside. I bring all the bins out at once, so it’s good to know I’m not missing one. My “notes for next year” sheet includes the information on how many bins I put in storage.

It’s also helpful to label things like “ribbon for living room tree” or “greenery for piano” so that when I’m decorating next year I can be certain I’m using the pieces that fit in that space.

#3 Buy Extra Lights on Clearance

There’s nothing worse than getting all set to decorate your tree, only to find that not all of your lights work! I like to buy lights immediately after Christmas (I usually buy mine half off at Dollar General) and put them away with the Christmas decorations.

I wrote the date I purchased them on the box so that I knew which ones were new. This is a simple tip, but one that will make your life a lot easier!

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I’m taking the rest of the week off from blogging, but I’ll be back next Monday. Until then, Merry Christmas my friends! ❤


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