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Valentine’s Day Inspiration

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Valentine’s Day is just a month away! This is an easy holiday that doesn’t take much prep, but it’s still one that I like to celebrate. Here’s some Valentine’s Day inspiration for you!

I have created a simple challenge that I call 14 Days to a Hopeful Marriage. If you start on February 1st, you can end up on Valentine’s Day with a hopeful heart (and maybe a happy husband – results not guaranteed 🙂 ). I’ve shared these prompts the last two years, but we can all benefit from them again this year!

Click here to view a PDF of each day’s challenge!

I love sending something to my niece and nephews for Valentine’s Day, even if it’s a simple card and a small treat. Watch the video below to see how I put together a very inexpensive and simple DIY for them a few years ago.

Here’s a little more Valentine’s Day inspiration that I’ve shared over the years!

Paul and I like to keep it simple – sometimes we just get a pizza and watch a movie – but it can be a fun day to celebrate the loves of your life! ❤


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