Winter Cottage Bookshelf

I’ve wanted a bookshelf in the living room for a long time, and I finally did it! Not being a big spender, I chose a simple $35 bookcase from Target. It was easy to assemble and is exactly what I wanted!

I kept the decor a little minimal during Christmas, but decided I wanted to really fill the shelves for winter. I pulled out all of my treasures – thrifted blue and white pieces, picture frames, books and Dollar Tree finds.

Would you believe I didn’t purchase a single thing to fill these shelves? I shopped my house, mainly the decor stash I keep in my home office.

I distributed the blue and white pieces throughout the shelves and tried to make sure each one had items of varied shapes and at least three different textures. Books and pinecones give great texture!

My mom has taught me to tell your story through the decor in your home. I kept that in mind while I was filling the shelves, so it’s intentional that I included family photos, Bibles, hymnals and things that belonged to my grandmothers or were gifts from them.

It’s pretty fun to have that big of an impact for less than $40! I have plans to add more to this wall, but for now I’m enjoying this new piece!

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8 thoughts on “Winter Cottage Bookshelf

  1. It looks awesome! So cozy and it’s so neat that you filled it with decorations of sentimental favorites. Great job. You know what would look great on top?? A plant! You could go the faux route to add some height or purchase a pothos plant. They are SO easy to grow. You can find them at most grocery stores or super cheap at Aldi. I promise they are the easiest plants. You just water them when they start to look wilty and ignore it the rest of the time.


  2. Styling bookshelves is one of my favorite things to do! It’s so fun to showcase collections and treasures. You did a beautiful job of incorporating special things, but keeping it clutter free!


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