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August 2019 In Review

#1 Sister Weekend: My sister got to spend 24 hours at my house, with just the two of us! Paul was out of town and her husband offered to run the show at home so she could have a little mini vacation. We definitely missed her sweet twins, but it was so much fun to have… Continue reading August 2019 In Review

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Girls’ Weekend in Boone {August 2018 Highlights}

August is typically the month my family does some type of weekend get-together. This year my Mom is celebrating a significant birthday, so my sister and I planned a weekend away with her to celebrate! We love planning events together and had so much fun getting all the details in order. We looked at several… Continue reading Girls’ Weekend in Boone {August 2018 Highlights}

Friday Favorites

5 Things On Friday {August’s Vacation Highlights}

Last weekend was a big event in my family - it was the first time we've all been on vacation together with our spouses! I'm thankful that I'm able to see my family often, but going away on vacation with everyone was so special. Without a doubt, #hamfamvacay17 was a huge success! (My maiden name… Continue reading 5 Things On Friday {August’s Vacation Highlights}