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Month in Review {August 2022}

The Highlights

We got to have our first official sleep over with my nephews! They spent 24 hours with us and we had lots of fun together.

Paul is easily the favorite and it’s not hard to see why! (I will point out that I did go down this giant slide…although not backwards and upside down like he did. Ha!)

I had the weekend planned in 1-2 hour blocks, both to keep them busy and to help me remember to do snack and bathroom breaks. I made a pictorial schedule using icons from PicMonkey, which the boys loved. They’re used to a routine at home and I think it made them feel more secure to know what to expect at my house.

Last fall I really wanted a chinoiserie pumpkin, but I stuck with my no spend fall decor strategy and didn’t buy one. I decided to DIY one with some pretty napkins and mod podge on the plaster pumpkins I found at Dollar Tree.

They aren’t amazing – the pumpkins already had some texture on them – but from a little distance they look pretty good! I’m excited to incorporate these into my fall decor.

Mini Adoption Update

Early in August I attended the annual foster care and adoption event hosted by our agency. They presented a slide show that featured 40 children in our county, most of them over the age of 10, who are waiting for adoption.

Here’s the reality of adopting from foster care. Following the event, we asked to be considered for 5 of the children they presented, hoping to be matched with just one. I’ve checked in with the case workers a couple times this month only to be told “we’re working on it.”

You would think that with such an urgent need, things would move quickly when at least one party (us) is motivated and organized. The reality is that we’re dealing with a government agency and things move very slowly.

That’s why the quote I shared earlier this month speaks so personally to me: “We’re living in God’s plan right now.” The waiting is just as much of his plan as the thing we’re waiting for. Government agencies are frustrating, but God can be trusted! Amen.

(If you’re new to our adoption journey, click here for more updates)

From This Month’s Bible Reading

It’s probably easy to understand why this verse is my favorite from the past month:

Have you not heard? I designed it long ago; I planned it in days gone by. I have now brought it to pass. (Isaiah 37:26)

God’s long view and sovereign rule over our lives is such a comfort to me. I’ve been praying this verse often. “Lord, you know who you want us to adopt – you planned it in days gone by and you will bring it to pass.”

The context of this passage in Isaiah involves lots of unpleasant circumstances, and it involves both those who are God’s people and those who are outside of his family. I’m so thankful that God is sovereign over all these things and uses them in his perfect design of our lives.

Even when it seems like nothing is happening and that the social workers aren’t making any progress, we can rest knowing that God is always at work. ❤

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How have you seen God’s character at work in your life this month? I would love to hear!


10 thoughts on “Month in Review {August 2022}

  1. Your pumpkins turned out great! They’ll blend in nicely with your favorite decor. I laughed a little at first because I thought you did a mod podge project with your nephews! That would have been exciting. Glad you had a great month and hope that the Fall has exciting news and special memories in store for you.


  2. I’m keeping your family in my prayers. Your words are powerful about the waiting periods of our lives. It is a comfort to know God is in control. Thank you.


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