Mid Year Check-In: My Word for 2019

This year I chose communicate as the word around which all my goals were centered. I'm working to communicate love, faithfulness, appreciation, respect, friendship and closeness with my husband. With others, I'm working to communicate a gentle and quiet spirit who hopes in God. I can definitely say I've made progress with my goals, but… Continue reading Mid Year Check-In: My Word for 2019


Nuggets of Helpful Truth For Your Marriage

this post contains affiliate links Earlier this year, we set a goal to attend one marriage conference or retreat each year. In 7 1/2 years of marriage we've read a few marriage books, listened to a lot of marriage podcasts and have heard a couple sermon series on marriage but had never attended a marriage… Continue reading Nuggets of Helpful Truth For Your Marriage


Navigating Major Schedule Changes in Marriage

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen my posts and stories using the hashtag #refereewifelife. I use that when I accompany my husband to a lacrosse game that he's officiating, usually in a pretty location in Tennessee or the Carolinas. Traveling with him and turning those work trips into fun road trips is the… Continue reading Navigating Major Schedule Changes in Marriage


The Look of Love {My Thoughts After The Royal Wedding}

I officially have royal wedding fever - or whatever comes after royal wedding fever. I was up at 5 AM on Saturday and watched four solid hours of wedding coverage. There are so many things to love about the events surrounding a royal wedding, from the fashion to the fairy tale setting! I am not… Continue reading The Look of Love {My Thoughts After The Royal Wedding}


Our Favorite Date Night Destinations

Happy Valentine's Day! In the spirit of the biggest "date night" of the year, I'm sharing our favorite destinations for a dinner date. I have a few local spots and a few chain restaurants, so hopefully you'll find some inspiration for wherever you live!  #1 Casual Dining: Carolina Ale House (Greenville, SC) Whitney's (current*) Favorite: Beer Battered… Continue reading Our Favorite Date Night Destinations


The Truth About My Marriage

I know that perception is often reality. People see my Instagram feed filled with pictures of a smiling couple enjoying life together and probably assume that we have a blissful marriage. Here's the truth - my marriage is no more perfect than yours. It's just as likely to suffer heartache, disappointment, betrayal, irritation, discontentment or… Continue reading The Truth About My Marriage

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Preparing Yourself To Be A Godly Wife

When I was in college, there were certain girls who people joked were only in school to obtain an "MRS" degree. It was usually girls who chose a major like Family and Consumer Science or something in the school of Religion. I am not sure how successful their supposed strategy turned out to be, but… Continue reading Preparing Yourself To Be A Godly Wife