Extending The Weekend

How do you extend the blessing and refreshment from Sunday’s worship into the rest of your week? If yesterday you had the privilege, like I did, of attending a church where the music, preaching and fellowship encouraged your heart and brought you closer to Jesus, you don’t want to leave all that goodness with the weekend.

If a particular song spoke to my heart, I like to print the words and post them on the fridge or my bathroom mirror. When I worked in an office, I’d tape them to the bottom of my computer screen. If the message from God’s Word challenged or encouraged me, I like to review the passage along with the sermon notes during my daily quiet time. Sometimes I get the DVD from the service and listen to it while I drive or clean the house.

If God spoke to your heart on Sunday, don’t let that fade away into the business of the week. Make a conscious effort to include that encouragement into your routine.

Here’s a similar arrangement of the song I heard the choir sing yesterday. It’s not a particularly new song, but I hope the words will speak to your heart as they did mine (although the slideshow isn’t really my taste – sorry about that).

Tell me: How do you extend the blessing and refreshment from Sunday’s worship into the rest of your week?

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5 thoughts on “Extending The Weekend

  1. At the end of his sermons, my pastor always asks “What is God saying to you?” I often write down what God is saying to me, then hang it where I will see it throughout the day. It helps me remember to focus on what God is teaching me. James 1:23-25


  2. It can be so hard to carry the blessings and thoughts you gained throughout the week. But I try to remember the songs that we sang, like you. My favorite part of worship is music! So we try to have worship music playing almost all the time. It’s so uplifting.


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