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High Five For Friday

It’s time for some Friday favorites! I love writing these posts because it’s easy to forget how blessed we are. My sister has a print on her piano that says “There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.” I hope you’ll take a minute and reflect on the good things from your week – even if it’s something simple like watching your cat chase birds from the other side of the screen (keeping reading, that will make sense). 🙂

1. Paul had to work last weekend, so I packed up and headed to my sister’s house in Tennessee. She made a delicious Chinese supper on Friday night after which we laughed and cried our way through Steel Magnolias. If that isn’t a Southern classic, I don’t know what is!

steel magnolias

2. I spent most of Saturday at my parent’s house (they live in the same town as my sister…sounds like someone needs to move!). 🙂 Mom and I ran some errands and ended up waiting out a downpour in the cutest gift shop full of unique and beautiful things. If you’re from that area, be sure to check out The Gift Box – it would be a great place to do some Christmas shopping! I’ll definitely stop in there again!

3. Thelma Lou spends several hours each day at this open window, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells of fall. I know the chipmunks and birds are glad she’s not allowed outside!

thelma lou bird watching

4. I loved this post from Kate at Classy Living about becoming a trophy wife. She has written some really great marriage posts in the past, but this one really made me think. If you’re married, I hope you’ll read it!

5. Here’s my favorite outfit from this week’s #modmodfallchallenge. I wasn’t able to post every day but I really enjoyed wearing this outfit for the “poised in polka dots” challenge.


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Extending The Weekend
Extending The Weekend

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8 thoughts on “High Five For Friday

  1. Oh how I love Steel Magnolias… makes me cry every time. I’m glad I’m not totally out of the loop of Southern classics 🙂 My sister and parents live in the same town so I always get excited to go and spend some time with them. Hope you have a great weekend!!


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