Organizing Toiletries in a Small Closet

Organizing Toiletries in a Small Closet via

Since we have minimal storage options in both bathrooms (master, hall), I keep most of our extra toiletries, first aid and medicine in the hall closet. I shared my original organization project for that closet over a year ago but I’ve made several adjustments since then. Here’s what the bottom two shelves look like now (the top shelf just holds extra towels):

How to organize toiletries in a small closet via

It’s impossible to get a good picture in this space – when I open the door, it blocks the hallway light fixture. So pardon my grainy attempts at editing.

Storing bath and body products in magazine organizers via

I’m so excited about the newest addition to my organization system. It’s those two pink things holding our extra hair and skincare products. They are actually magazine/file organizers from the dollar spot at Target! They take up less space than the bin that used to sit there, while keeping those things in a much more tidy fashion!

Another update to my system is the over the door organizer that hangs on the inside of the closet door. This contains all our travel toiletries – I have them sorted by shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Organize travel toiletries with an over the door organizer via

Organize travel toiletries using an over the door organizer via ComeHomeForComfort

When you’re looking for organizing supplies, think outside the box (pun intended). You’ll find some incredible organizing solutions!

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10 thoughts on “Organizing Toiletries in a Small Closet

  1. My eye caught those magazine holders in the pictures before I read your comment about them. My though was “that’s genius!!!” 🙂


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