Get Organized Using Hooks

Get Organized Using Hooks via

Being organized means giving everything a place. But not everything belongs in a bin or on a shelf. Here are three quick ways to clear your kitchen clutter using hooks!

1. Use hooks to hang brooms and mops. I hang mine in the laundry closet that’s just off the kitchen for easy access. These are just simple “S” hooks that were in the closet when we moved in.

Get Organized Using Hooks to Corral Brooms via ComeHomeForComfort

2. Use a hook for your purse. I love having my purse near the door without it sitting on a kitchen chair or (heaven forbid) on the counter.

Get Organized Using Hooks to Corral Purses via ComeHomeForComfort

3. Use a hook to hang your dishwashing gloves. I learned this trick from Organized Jen – it’s so much better than leaving them draped over the faucet each evening!

Get Organized Using Hooks for Dishwashing Gloves via ComeHomeForComfort

If hooks aren’t your thing, here are a few ways to corral the clutter using baskets!

Organizing With Baskets Come Home For Comfort

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7 thoughts on “Get Organized Using Hooks

  1. Oh if only I’d read this sooner… my mop definitely needs to find a hook because my current arrangement isn’t working says the lady who got smacked in the head with her mop handle this morning. I think it would also be good to hang my brooms in the garage. I use hooks for my aprons, hooks for our bags and hooks for towels.


  2. I like to use hooks as well Whitney. Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick taught me about using the hooks that hold draperies back as basic hooks. I have my four 31 totes on a drapery hook in my garage and I also use these deep hooks to hang my scarves on in my closet. It really keeps them organized!!


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