Laundry Room Tour | Organizing in a Small Space

Laundry Room Tour Via

Today I’m excited to share with you a tour of my laundry room! My washer and dryer live in a small closet off the kitchen. With a decent amount of shelving, the closet doubles as an extension of my pantry. It’s not a perfectly organized space, but it has several good organization systems in it that make my life so much easier.

I use three organizing strategies to keep everything in place for this high-traffic area:

  • Use containers to corral small or similar items
  • Use hooks to keep maximize space and keep things off the floor
  • Make it pretty!

Watch my video below to see all these strategies in action!

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16 thoughts on “Laundry Room Tour | Organizing in a Small Space

  1. I love the idea of hanging baskets. I have my dryer sheets in a basket, but it’s not attached to the wall. I just knocked it off the shelf and spilled dryer sheets everywhere so I wish it was a hanging basket! I also love that you maximized your storage and have a place for everything. I think I need to add some hooks and some hanging basket to my laundry room.


  2. Ok, now I need some placemats for the top of my washer/dryer!! Everything else I do just like you do!! My pantry is concealed behind doors off my laundry room. An organizer who came to our church ladies group emphasized getting everything OFF the floor so I did that about a year ago and it does make a difference. And I am a BAG HOARDER as well…do they have meetings for that????


    1. LOL Arlene, if they don’t, maybe we should start a bag hoarder support group. 🙂 My Target has a lot of really cute placemats on clearance right now. I saw some cute plastic ones that would be easy to keep clean, marked down to $.99/each.


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